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Supernatural is more than a show about fighting demons. It’s about more than a cool car, a kick-ass soundtrack and hot guys with guns. Supernatural is about family and sacrifice and heroism–about good and evil and the choices we make to stay in the hunt.

You know there’s more to this show than meets the eye.

So do we.

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Supernatural: Reload
Posted October 13th

Another great guest post by Amy Berner, who you may remember from her Undercovers post last week.


I feel kind of bad for Supernatural right now. Not only has this perpetually-underrated show been relegated to Fridays, it also has to start itself back up after a season finale five years in the making. I mean, a proxy battle between the Archangel Michael and Lucifer on which the world’s survival hinged is a tough act to follow, don’t you think?

Supernatural was built to be a five season (expanded...

In the Hunt winner
Posted April 29th

Thanks for all the comments and best episode picks left on our In the Hunt giveaway a couple weeks back. We have a winner (insert drum roll)…


Caitlin, I’ll email you for your address momentarily!


To everyone else, think of Caitlin’s win as a very good reason to pick up your own copy of In the Hunt at a nicely discounted price through Monday only! Buy your copy of In the Hunt today for 50% off the list...

Celebrating Supernatural’s 100th Episode
Posted April 15th

Supernatural is celebrating a pretty impressive milestone tonight: the show’s 100th episode. That’s a lot of ghosts, monsters, demons, and angels, and a lot of time logged in the Impala.

We’re celebrating this big day for Supernatural because, well, we’re celebrating types but also because we’re still really happy with our Supernatural anthology In the Hunt and today is the perfect opportunity to give a copy away.

From the book’s intro (which is up in its entirety on our site right now):


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