Getting Lost

Survival, Baggage, and Starting Over in J.J. Abrams’ Lost
Edited by Orson Scott Card

Theories abounded about the survivors of Flight 815 and their enigmatic island home on the supernatural television phenomenon Lost. This collection of essays provides insight into the show’s first season and examines the themes that are still crucial to the show today, even after it’s 2010 end, including chapters on “Why the Survivors Must Be in Another Dimension (or the Twilight Zone),” “Lord of the Lost: Jack vs. Locke,” “The Others: Where On Earth Did They Come From … or Did They?” and “A Theologian’s View of the Island as Purgatory.”

Contributors such as television critic Joyce Millman, SF writer Adam-Troy Castro, and paranormal-romance author Mary Janice Davidson tackle predominant themes, plotlines, and symbols of the hit show while answering the questions on every fan’s mind: What’s with the polar bears and black mist? Why does the sudden struggle for survival lead some to romantic relationships, some to conflict, and others to leadership? and Why did Boone have to die?

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