Flirtin' with the Monster

Your Favorite Authors on Ellen Hopkins’ Crank and Glass
Edited by Ellen Hopkins

Where is the line between truth and fiction? Why do love and addiction so often go hand in hand? What does the real “Kristina” think about the way her story is told in Crank and Glass?

Crank and Glass have always been more than just stories. Join their author Ellen Hopkins and a host of other writers as they delve deep into Kristina’s story, from the straight truth on the physical effects of methamphetamine addiction to the psychological consequences of keeping secrets (and how Hopkins’ books have encouraged so many teens to reveal theirs).

With an essay by Ellen’s real-life daughter (the basis for the character of “Kristina”) that tells her version of the events that inspired the books–along with perspectives from “Scott,” “Jake,” and 10-year-old “Hunter,” the baby from CrankFlirtin’ with the Monster is a compelling journey through the complexities of Hopkins’ beloved bestselling works.

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