Filled with Glee

An Unauthorized Glee Companion
Edited by Leah Wilson
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Is Sue is the true driving force behind Glee? Who the real alpha male in New Directions? Why do we really keep coming back to Glee week after week? From its quirky character insights to its inspirational, funny, and touching stories from fellow gleeks, Filled with Glee is the perfect companion for the fan who can’t get enough Glee.

Filled with Glee also includes a guide to putting together a glee club in your own school or community; an index of songs by episode; and the musical biographies of the main and guest actors (including where and when they’ve worked together before).

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Posted November 22nd Sign up for free chapters and book updates

If you’re already signed up for certain book mailing lists, you’ll have heard about the exciting new initiative we’re starting. When you sign up for designated mailing lists (they’ll be paired with the above graphic), you’ll not only get the latest news on the book, but we’ll also email you a free PDF of book content. There are thirteen excerpts you can download right now and there’s no limit to what you can...

Glee giveaway winner
Posted March 21st

Happy Monday, all! And a particularly happy Monday to Cindy, who won last week’s Glee giveaway: a copy of Filled with Glee and an red foam Glee finger.

Thanks to all who...

Glee Guest Post: Lima Losers? Not Anymore.
Posted March 17th

For all the Gleeks in the world, read Maria Lima‘s take on why “Original Song” reminded us of why Glee is so great!


They say good things come to those who wait (for all values of “they” that equal the collective cultural consciousness). For Gleeks, those good things came in the most recent episode, “Original Song” (2-16), with a heaping helping of fabulous fan service.

After the highs of season one, season two has been a bit of a meandering ride, less a roller coaster than a gentle...

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