Alias Assumed

Sex, Lies and SD-6
Edited by Kevin "Marshall J. Flinkman" Weisman

From SD-6 to the CIA, from kick-ass costumes and multi-colored wigs to family angst and undercover office romance, Alias–with its smart writing and adrenaline-fueled plots–has won the hearts of savvy viewers everywhere.

This fun, funny essay anthology takes a lovingly tongue-in-cheek look at the world of Alias. Its contributors glean parenting tips (shooting your daughter after years of estrangement is rarely a good idea . . . or is it?), psychoanalyze creator J.J. Abrams and suggest some surprising possibilities as to Marshall’s true mission, parallels to classic mythology, and the meaning at the heart of the Rambaldi puzzle.

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Posted May 3rd

Since this site gives us the opportunity to highlight not just our books, but the individual essays our authors have written for us (and, okay, since it also gives you the opportunity to buy those individual essays), we wanted to figure out more ways to showcase them. Thus: Editors Picks. Periodically we–and/or some of our past guest editors or book contributors–will select 3 essays we particularly love from our Smart Pop titles and offer a little commentary on why we think you’ll love them, too.

From Leah:

My three picks today have...

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