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By February 8th, 2010 7 Comments

Valentine’s is a few days away, and although this holiday tends to bring out mixed feelings in Americans, it’s still on the calendar, like it or not. For those of us in the “like it!” camp (if for no other reason than an excuse to eat a lot of chocolate), we have a few posts scheduled this week you might enjoy. Hey, even if you hate the day, you can give credit to the properties that have done love right.

First up, best TV or movie kiss.

Mine’s a little odd, perhaps, as it’s not from a universally loved movie, but it’s a good scene, nonetheless.

From Becoming Jane:

I don’t know about you, but I think all the best kisses end with one person hitting the other.

Spill, what’s your favorite TV or movie kiss?

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7 Comments On "Best TV/movie kiss"

  1. Becky

    I have to say that my favorite is from The Princess Bride. Not because the kiss itself was so awesome, but because of the description of the kiss itself. Also because the boy was so afraid of it being a “kissing book.” hehehe.


  2. Jody Sollazzo

    Buffy/Spike the, um, third time. The time in the house. Technically, it was more than kissing or not technically.


  3. Jessi

    Spiderman upside down kiss for me! Also a fan of the Jerry Maguire good night kiss and the Gone with the wind head-thrown-back-and-lips-smashed-together kiss.


  4. Fictional

    Buffy/Spike, Tabula Rasa. Desperate breathless kisses to ‘Goodbye to You’ by Michelle Branch. Doesn’t get better than that.


  5. Faith

    Spike/Buffy in the end of the episode “Ones More With a Feeling” :) Actually all Spike/Buffy kisses are my favorite tv kisses


  6. Dee

    Logan/Veronica in Weapons of Class Destruction.


  7. nmcil

    Great choice with “Becoming Jane” especially with the outcome of their relationship.

    Think that there needs to be a separate category for Films and TV –

    For television I also have to go with Buffy and Spike – but my favorite of the Buffy & Spike kiss is her lovely and delicate kiss and sincere kiss from “Intervention” when she kisses him after his torture at the hands of Glory.

    For a film kiss – can’t post a favorite, there are simply too many to choose from, but I love the simple, almost chaste kisses from “Miss Potter” – a beautiful real life love story that ended in heartbreak for the lovers.


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