R.A. Salvatore

With more than four-dozen books to his credit and over seventeen million copies sold in the U.S. alone, R.A. Salvatore has become one of the most important figures in modern epic fantasy. His first break came in 1987 when TSR, publisher of Dungeons & Dragons, offered him a contract for a book set in the Forgotten Realms shared-world setting. Bob’s first published novel, The Crystal Shard, was released in February 1988 and climbed to number two on the Waldenbooks bestseller list. By 1990 his third book, The Halfling’s Gem, had made the New York Times list. With a contract for three more books from TSR, and his first creatorowned novel and its sequel sold to Penguin, Bob realized that “it seemed like a good time to quit my day job.” In addition to his novel writing, Salvatore is involved in game design, most notably the creation of a brand new world for 38 Studios, which serves as the setting for the Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning RPG and will also form the foundation for their first MMORPG, currently code-named Copernicus. He is currently at work writing the next and final installment of the Neverwinter Trilogy, due out in August 2012.

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