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San Diego Comic-Con 2014 Recap + Giveaway

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A couple weeks ago we headed to San Diego for our fourth year of exhibiting at Comic-Con. It was equal parts exciting and busy, which you probably know all too well if you’ve ever been to the show, but it was ultimately another great year of introducing Smart Pop Books to new potential readers while having the wonderful opportunity of reconnecting with past readers and contributors.


Comic-Con was the official launch of our 2014 Smart Pop Sampler, and it was such a treat to hand out copies early in the show only to hear positive feedback from readers a day or two later! If you’re feeling a little jealous of this freebie,  you can actually download a free electronic version on your e-reader of …

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San Diego Comic-Con 2014

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SDCCIt’s that time of year again, although we can hardly believe it. Time for San Diego Comic-Con! As we frantically finish up a million to-dos, we wanted to share what we’ll be up to at this year’s convention. Click/scroll onward to see where you can find us in the convention center this year, what we’ll be up to, and what we’re giving away.

Jump toLocationSigningsFree Stuff (With Bonus Prize Wheel!)


Location (#4300 – Exhibit Hall, Entrance F)

WednesdayWe’re sharing booth space again with Friend of Smart Pop Jamie Chambers and his Signal Fire Studios, which means we’ll be back front and audience-left-of-center in the exhibit hall, right at door F, at Booth #4300. We’ll be the front …

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The Future of Smart Pop: We Want Your Help!

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SmartPopLogoWe really enjoy reading reviews of our books, especially the ones by book bloggers (who tend to have a little more space to discuss than, say, the average Amazon reviewer); I love hearing what works and doesn’t work for different readers, especially in our anthologies, where often every review has different favorites (and different least favorites).

Recently I read a great one from Kelley at Oh, the Books on Divergent Thinking (thanks, Kelley!). The whole review was smart and thoughtful, but she made one particular comment that stood out to me and stayed with me long after reading: “this could just as easily have been a series of posts on a blog somewhere.” It’s a terrific point, even if it’s one I’m not sure I …

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Divergent Thinking Book Launch + Giveaways!

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Our Divergent anthology, Divergent Thinking: YA Authors on Veronica Roth’s Divergent Trilogy, is officially launching next week. In fact, our introductory post about the book is already up. We’re pretty excited around Smart Pop Headquarters because we’re all big fans of the books and we’re eagerly awaiting the release of the movie in a few weeks. (Seriously, a Veronica Mars movie and a Divergent movie in the same month? March 2014, you’re not too shabby.)

Not only are we excited about the movie and about the release of Divergent Thinking, we’re extra excited about the week-long event we have planned around the release in partnership with the Divergent fansite community. Next week is officially:


We hope you’ll visit each of the below sites …

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An Epic Veronica Mars Giveaway

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Our giveaway has closed (scroll down for winners’ information!), but you can still win a copy of Neptune Noir from Neptune Rising through March 13! Visit here for details.


Thanks to 91,585 tried-and-true Veronica Mars fans, we’re finally getting the much-wanted next chapter in the lives of our favorite Neptune kids (well, favorite late twenty-somethings by now). The Veronica Mars movie release is just a couple weeks away!

You may remember that Smart Pop Books donated proceeds from Neptune Noir‘s ebook sales toward the movie’s Kickstarter fund. In return, we received some Kickstarter swag. But since we received those rewards from donating the money raised by our community of readers . . . it only makes sense that we give those rewards back …

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The Psychology of Twilight giveaway winner!

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Thanks to everyone for commenting on our Psychology of Twilight giveaway! The answers were really interesting and really split. In case you’re curious about what movie came out on top, here’s the breakdown:

Total votes: 45

  • Twilight: 12 votes or 27%
  • New Moon: 3 votes or 7%
  • Eclipse: 15 votes or 33%
  • Breaking Dawn: 14 votes or 31%

Eclipse is just barely the winner!

Now, the winners of the book:

Congrats to Diana (#33), Stepany (#19), Sarah (#1), Maria Belen (#42), and Lauren (#17)!

I’ll be in touch shortly, to make sure your winning copy gets to you quickly. Enjoy!

For all other readers, you can get your own copy and sign up for book updates (which also gets you …

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The Psychology of Twilight Giveaway!

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Since Leah introduced The Psychology of Twilight a few weeks ago, I’m sure many of you have been eager to pick up a copy of Smart Pop’s latest anthology for your own (in time for the big movie release of Breaking Dawn: Part 1).

If you have wanted to read this anthology, today just may be your lucky day. We’re giving away five copies of The Psychology of Twilight to five (randomly selected!) commenters.

We’ll leave this giveaway up through the weekend—in case you’re busy fighting the crowds at the theater instead of sitting at your computer—and announce the winners on Monday. ETA: Deadline for entry extended through Monday at midnight CST! (We’ll announce Tuesday.)

Simply comment with the answer to this Twilight …

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Last Friday Night Lights Twitter Party (And Finale Thoughts)

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We had our final Friday Night Lights Twitter party this past Friday night, and aside from the show itself, I’m genuinely going to miss the live-tweet sessions we hosted each Friday. We got the opportunity to know (and also know better) so many Friday Night Lights fans, and talk through so many different plot lines together, from the head-scratching ones (Julie and the TA!) to the heartbreaking (Vince and his dad). As the finale cued up at minute one and then faded at minute ninety, we also got to say goodbye to Dillon, Texas together, which felt so much more fulfilling than saying goodbye alone.

Some highlights from the finale and the final Smart Pop Twitter party!

First, we gave away a handful of …

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Friday Night Lights Episode, 5.8, Twitter Party Recap

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Just in time for a new Friday Night Lights episode tonight, here’s a recap of all the fun Leah and I had last week, tweeting up a storm during our favorite TV drama, with the help of A Friday Night Lights Companion contributor, Robin Wasserman (@robinwasserman).

First note-worthy event of the episode: Coach Taylor swinging a tricycle part at Julie’s sleazy TA, who had the nerve to show up at her door. (The nerve to show up, but the good sense to run away as soon as Eric appeared in the doorway.)

As Leah said, “That was possibly the most threatening use of a pink tricycle part ever.” (Although, admittedly, I said “As badass as Coach is, breaking the TA’s taillight with Gracie Belle’s tricycle …

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Nyx in the House of Night: Officially Released!

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If our recent posts about Nyx in the House of Night have caught your eye, then you won’t want to miss this news: today the book is officially on store shelves everywhere!

If this is the first you’re hearing about Nyx in the House of Night, the book is all about the mythology, religion, and folklore in the House of Night series, and includes an introduction and essay by P.C. Cast herself, along with an essay from Kristin Cast, plus other great YA writers and mythology and religion experts. There’s more, though, that makes this book extra special: It’s full of beautiful black, white, and sapphire-blue illustrations that evoke the color in the vampyre tattoos. You can see an example–an illustration of the …

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