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Lost, Season 6, Episode 7: Dr. Linus.

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I said it before and I will say it again. Lost Season 6 feels totally energized because this is the first time in the show’s history where we do not leave groups of characters just totally unaccounted for, basically. Even though we did not see Kate, Sayid and Sawyer, their group was represented by The Man in Black, Jack and Hurley were around, and so were Ben, Lapidis, Miles and Illana.

The summary: Miles exposes that Ben killed Jacob and Illana puts him to digging his own grave. The Man in Black tries to recruit him, and when he escapes and gets Illana at gunpoint he apologizes and says he is going to The Man in Black because he is the only one who will …

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Lost, Season 6, Episode 6: “Sundown”

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The Empire Strikes Back is the best Star Wars movie for a pretty obvious reason: as the second act of the story, the bad guys are winning. As Dante learned writing the Divine Comedy, it is always more fun to hang out with bad guys than good guys. This far into season 6 of Lost we are clearly in the second act of the final season, and, right on schedule, the bad guys are in glorious form. I can only assume that while I am writing this a series of Youtube clips are being thrown together, scoring the final moment of “Sundown” — The Man in Black’s bad-ass slow-motion walk away from the temple with his crew — to any number of songs, including “Damn …

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Lost Season 6, Episode 5: “The Lighthouse”

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My favorite scene in maybe all of Lost is from The Shape Of Things to Come, the Ben-centric season 4 episode. They are in the Dharma house on the island and Keamey shoots Alex. Ben is just in shock until suddenly he hits a wall panel that opens to a new room and the door shuts behind him. The new room is a fancy James Bond room and Ben goes to the suits on the far wall, pushes them aside, and slides a panel back revealing an ancient rock wall with Egyptian markings. This is what Lost does best: opens up new spaces. It is like a video game — a lot like Myst as several of my watching companions have remarked. You are always …

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Lost, Season 6 Episode 4, “The Substitute”

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John Locke episodes are always the best ones, and this was no exception. This was the episode where I really started to feel like Lost is serious about answering some questions, and this episode featured all the human emotional anchoring I was looking for in LAX. (To be fair, it may have been in LAX, I just did not appreciate it because of the 8 months I had to wait to watch it). And our final story arc was advanced and clarified. I may be overstating it because it JUST ended, but I feel like this may be one of my favorite Lost episodes ever. Not top 5 but top 10.

For one thing we had lots of time on Lost stuff I like all …

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Lost season 6, episode 3: “What Kate Does”

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Lost Season 6, episode 1: LA X

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Total Spoilers.

Kill Bill, my favorite movie of all time, does a bit of a trick between its two parts. Volume 1 is a kick-ass action spectacle. Volume 2 is suddenly all character driven, and features one nearly bloodless kill where volume 1 featured dozens of exploding corpses. Going from volume 1 to 2 is a test — are you in this merely for the violence? or are you in this for the storytelling?

Over the years, Lost has put us through a similar kind of test. The show was originally designed to be just a realistic island survival story with no science fiction/fantasy elements. Season one reflects that — it is mostly realistic. Stories about hunting boar and whatnot. The sci-fi/fantasy button is …

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