An Epic Veronica Mars Giveaway

By February 24th, 2014

Our giveaway has closed (scroll down for winners’ information!), but you can still win a copy of Neptune Noir from Neptune Rising through March 13! Visit here for details.


Thanks to 91,585 tried-and-true Veronica Mars fans, we’re finally getting the much-wanted next chapter in the lives of our favorite Neptune kids (well, favorite late twenty-somethings by now). The Veronica Mars movie release is just a couple weeks away!

You may remember that Smart Pop Books donated proceeds from Neptune Noir‘s ebook sales toward the movie’s Kickstarter fund. In return, we received some Kickstarter swag. But since we received those rewards from donating the money raised by our community of readers . . . it only makes sense that we give those rewards back to our reader community (plus a couple of copies of Neptune Noir).

We have two giveaway packages up for grabs.

Giveaway package #1:


One size L California Noir t-shirt (Jason Dohring/Logan Echolls sold separately), one set of four stickers, and one copy of Smart Pop’s Neptune Noir, edited by the Rob Thomas. 

Giveaway package #2:


One size L Mini Blinds t-shirt, one set of four stickers, and one copy of Neptune Noir

To enter to win, share your favorite Veronica Mars episode in the comments below by midnight CST on February 28th. (International entrants welcome!) We’ll choose one winner for each prize pack and get them in the mail as soon as we have addresses, so you can wear your swag to the movie premiere! (And, if you find yourself in line with a little time on your hands, we’d love to see you in all your Veronica Mars-worshiping glory.  Snap a picture of your shirt or while reading your copy of Neptune Noir—e-readers count!—and share it on any social media platform of choice with the hashtag #NeptuneNoir, so we can high five you from afar.)

We’ll update this post with the winners, so see you back here in a week.



We have our winners…

Congratulations Petar and Kate! We’ll be in touch via email.

Thank you to everyone who entered!

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No Comments On "An Epic Veronica Mars Giveaway"

  1. Anastasia

    I love so many eps, but one in particular is “Leave It to Beaver” the finale of Season One! The mystery is finally and satisfyingly solved :)


  2. Allison

    Weapons of Class Destruction for sure. I will always have a soft spot for the first LoVe kiss.


  3. Ashley

    if have to say ‘leave it to beaver.’ first time I watched it I felt like it was a legit horror movie. it was scarier and more heart pumping than any of the so called horror flicks out now.


  4. Alex

    My favorite episode is probably the series finale, The Bitch Is Back. It was such a bittersweet episode, ending as it did, yet it showed a return of personality for Veronica who seemed to be losing a bit of her edge in Season 3. Everything I love about Veronica is encapsulated in that episode.


  5. Lillie

    I love Wrath of Con. I have a great love for Lilly Kane.


  6. Aleksandra

    I would have to say: 2×13, Ain’t No Magic Mountain High Enough.
    The banter, the locked room trope, and some great character moments for Jackie and Wallace.


  7. Marissa

    Weapons of Class Destruction. LoVe!


  8. Tiffany

    A Trip to the Dentist. The search for Veronica’s rapist is such a roller-coaster ride of emotions that cannot fully be explained over the internet. The episode definitely does remind the viewers that the show develops for the characters.


  9. Wai Lee

    Season 1, Episode 21: A Trip to the Dentist, because Logan comforting Veronica, Logan defending Veronica, and Logan lifting Veronica and spinning her around. Kills me every single time. (ノ♥ヮ♥)ノ*:・゚✧


  10. Tanvi

    Has to be Weapons of Class Destruction. Obviously because of Logan and Veronica, but also because the entire episode was basically a shout-out to Heathers, which just so happens to be my favourite movie ever.


  11. sheryce

    By far my favourite episode is Season 2 “Not Pictured”. I love the reveal of who crashed the bus, and how Veronica reacts to what she thinks happens to her father. I also love that she doesn’t just wait to be rescued — she tackles the bad guy with a gun. Also, Logan of course.


  12. Lori Sizemore

    My favorite episode is Weapons of Class Destruction. That kiss!


  13. Veronikka

    Oh my Gosh. I’ve never won a giveaway but hey, I’ll try my luck here.

    My favorite episode without a doubt is “The Wrath of Con” from Season 1. I’ve always LOVED how Veronica’s determination in solving Lilly’s murder stems from the fact that she loved her friend dearly and truly to look for the truth. It says alot about her character and how she values the people she lets in. I know there’s no need for an explanation but damn it, it needed to be said! :)


  14. Meg

    “Wrath of Con.”


  15. Melody

    “My Big Fat Greek Rush Week”, I don’t know why but this episode was always really fun for me to watch, but it’s probably because of the bromance between Logan and Wallace.


  16. Rachel

    So hard to choose a favorite! But if pressed,I’ll go with An Echolls Family Christmas from Season 1. It’s where you really start to see the sparks between V and L, and it’s got some great lines.


  17. Lisa S

    Normal is the Watchword

    Loved the series, thrilled the movie is finally coming out!!


  18. Mila

    The Bitch is Back! for sure


  19. Brittany

    I think the Pilot is my favorite vmars episode. There is so much to get from it. The introduction of this awesome female character who has depth and problems and emotions who is also super tough and cool and fierce. Veronica Mars is so real. From the get-go, from her first line, Veronica Mars changed the television game for female characters. (Plus, bonus “you’re a marshmallow veronica mars!”)


  20. Angela

    One of my most favorite episodes is “Not Pictured”, it had me on the edge of my seat the whole time and the outcome was surprising (but in a good way) and the way Logan protected Veronica slays me.


  21. Anna

    OH MAN, this is like asking which flavor of pudding I love best. (The answer is all of them.)

    Oh gosh… The Pilot is fantastic, one of the best… Drinking the Kool-Aid was my very first VMars episode ever…. Weapons of Class Destruction is THE episode. Both season one and two finales were INSANE.

    I think I gotta go with the season three finale. After a somewhat more lackluster season than the first two, the season three finale episodes shoved all of that VMars spark into our faces, kinda like it was saying “See how awesome I can be? And you’re canceling me?? Please.” It was pure, undiluted, Veronica Mars awesomeness.


  22. Alexis

    It was so hard to choose, but “of vice and men” is my absolute favorite!!


  23. ALICE

    Season 1 Episode 23: Leave It to Beaver!!!!!!!!! Because Veronica got dumped and I DIDN’T LIKE HER BOYFRIEND DUNCAN KANE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  24. Aya

    Season 2, Episode 17: Plan B.

    Because: Logan and Veronica on a stake out (!), Rushmore and Breakfast Club movie references, Logan’s SLACKER T-shirt, Veronica’s botched attempt at ‘shocker’ hand gesture, “Ask not what Logan can do for you, but what you can do for Logan,” Veronica’s Over-the-moon face, psychoanalytic Gia, the Sadie Hawkins dance and The Perisher’s Sway and “When I dreamed of this moment, ‘I’ve Had The Time of My Life’ was playing” (!!!!), and the sweet sweet poetic justice of Logan inadvertently ending the life of the person who framed him for murder.

    What’s NOT to love?


  25. Erica

    I would have to say my favorite episode is “Leave it to Beaver” because they finally found out the truth about Lilly’s death (and the intense brawl between Aaron Echolls and Veronica, and Keith Mars coming to his daughter’s rescue was just the sweetest), and I was also so proud of Veronica for confronting her mother and kicking her out, even though it was hard for to.


  26. Beth

    My favorite episode has to be “An Echolls Family Christmas”; I’m such a sucker for Christmas episodes and the beginnings of Logan and Veronica!


  27. cody

    You guys have the best contests!!! Love Veronica Mars!!! Weapons of Class Destruction is my fav!


  28. Danielle

    My favorite was the 1st season finale because the major mystery was solved and it was emotional and intense.


  29. Fefe

    Donut Run from Season 2 is my favorite episode because it is THE episode that shows that Veronica Mars really is literally and legitimately smarter than everybody; including her dad, Sheriff Lamb, and the FBI.


  30. Jamie

    I don’t think anything could ever top the Pilot episode. It’s probably the episode I’ve watched the most. It has everything I love about Veronica Mars: intrigue, a murder mystery, spying, stakeouts, and the occasional wisecrack or two. Stay cool, Sodapop.


  31. Petar

    The Pilot.

    It introduced this great murder mystery with many suspects, a father-daughter team of private detectives, and, of course, made me fell in love with snarky Veronica.


  32. Carina Olsen

    This giveaway is PERFECT! Thank you so so much. <3 But ahhhh. How can I choose just one favorite episode? I loved them all so so much. Hmm. But I think I must go with Not Pictured, season 2 episode 22. It was pretty heartbreaking. I loved it.
    Love, Carina Olsen


  33. nelly

    “The bitch is back” for sure… :)


  34. Ona

    Definitely “Leave it to Beaver”. Such a satisfying conclusion to the season-long mystery, while still leaving us wanting so much more.


  35. carla

    it’s so hard to choose a favorite episode, but i’d have to say it’s the season two finale, “not pictured.” i love that episode for many reasons.

    first, the writing is flawless: one single episode wraps up overarching plots from not one but TWO seasons, and has them make sense. second, there is something in that episode for every character, they all get some kind of conflict that has to be resolved and it’s nice to see every one of them get the focus they deserve.

    third: it was very emotional. i loved to see them graduate and veronica finally get the respect she’s been denied, loved seeing the bond between veronica and her father because that’s the main pillar of the show. and lastly: because it had a very noir feel to it; even though the plot lines were wrapped up, and mysteries were solved positively, and logan and veronica got together, everything still felt bittersweet because of the dramatic climax.

    all of these things make “not pictured” a mindblowing episode in a series in which almost every other episode is excellent as it is.


  36. Kristin

    I would have to go with the season 1 finale, Leave it to Beaver. So intense! And Keith literally walks through fire to save Veronica!


  37. Sarah

    I love Look Who’s Stalking. Logan’s speech about how epic their love is was amazing.


  38. Brigita

    Weapons of Class Destruction, without a doubt.


  39. Alyssa

    Weapons of Class Destruction! But I have to say the song Sway by The Perishers from Plan B has always stayed with me as a favorite song.


  40. Lin

    I am going to have to say that “Leave it to Beaver” is one of my favorite episode! But “A Trip to the Dentist” and “Not Pictured” are very close runner-ups.


  41. Tammy

    The Bitch Is Back!


  42. Stella

    Favorite episode? Ahh this is such a loaded question. This may sound cliche, but my favorite episode has got to be the Pilot episode, if it hadn’t done such a good job with it I would’ve never gotten into the show. I was so enticed by Veronica’s sass, sarcasm, and independence. But also the various story arcs it introduced were all so interesting and complex.


  43. Kate

    The first Logan/Veronica kiss episode aka “Weapons of Class Destruction”!


  44. Jaz

    I sometimes think back to the season finale episode when Logan’s dad puts Veronica in that old fridge and was about to kill her. It is so terrifying! I think that episode definitely left a mark.


  45. Suzanne Green

    I was hooked on the show from day one…so I would have to choose the Pilot. We meet Veronica, see first hand her treatment as an outsider and see the pain she feel for the loss of her friend, her boyfriend, her mother and her status.Rather than wallow in her pain, Veronica defends the underdog, searches for her friend’s killer and moves forward after being drugged and raped. I loved her strength, and never missed an episode.


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