What Is Smart Pop?

Smart Pop is the pop culture imprint of independent publisher BenBella Books.

Smart Pop is a line of smart, fresh, engaging nonfiction titles on the best of pop culture TV, books, and film, with a particular focus on science fiction and fantasy television and literature.

Our writers are New York Times bestselling authors, television writers, psychologists, philosophers (including Orson Scott Card, Jennifer Crusie, David Brin, Ellen Hopkins, Ray Kurzweil, Cory Doctorow, Lawrence Block, Dennis Lehane, Jane Espenson, Scott Westerfeld, and many more) . . . writers with a love of pop culture and something worth sharing about it. We’ve published anthologies and single-author titles, essays and cookbooks and quirky companions: since 2003, over five dozen books on everything from Star Wars to Friday Night Lights to Mad Men to the work of Joss Whedon.

Our mission? To entertain, but also to enrich our readers’ experience of the show or books or films they love, allowing them to return to those shows, books, and films with an even greater sense of appreciation and enjoyment. (Also, to rehabilitate the word essay. High school really did a number on it.)

Questions? Comments? Suggestions for the site? Give us a shout!

What is Smartpopbooks.com?

Smartpopbooks.com is Smart Pop’s online home. You can browse our books, and sign up for book-specific updates and free preview chapters on each book page. You can enter book giveaways and keep updated on what’s coming up over on our blog. And you can read a new free essay from our backlist books every day on our front page.

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Leah Wilson
Leah first sent her resume to BenBella because she saw Seven Seasons of Buffyon the homepage, and she’s been working with the Smart Pop series since 2003, when she graduated from Duke University with a degree in Culture and Modern Fiction. Fall season premiere schedules make her a little giddy.

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Heather Butterfield
Publishing Associate
Heather graduated from Emerson College’s Publishing and Writing program in 2011 and was delighted to put her degree directly to use at Smart Pop. She has a soft spot for YA fiction and vampire drama, and will never turn down a free book. Heather is the main contact for all marketing- and convention-related requests.

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Jennifer Canzoneri
Marketing Manager Emeritus
Jennifer graduated from Texas A&M University with degrees in English and History, so it shocks no one more than her that she’s now marketing Smart Pop books for a living. It’s a rather pleasant surprise, though. She’s been with BenBella Books for more than five years, and she’s been known to share her thoughts on the evolution of book marketing at quite a few dinner parties. Her DVR is full of both Food Network shows and Gilmore Girls re-runs, but nothing will ever fill the hole left by Veronica Mars.

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