A Panem-style reaping for The Girl Who Was on Fire

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April 5 is the official release of The Girl Who Was on Fire, and we’re celebrating by holding our own version of the Hunger Games’ reaping–one with much less threat of death and way less perilous prizes.

For the 13 days (excluding weekends) leading up to the release, we’ve arranged to give away 2 copies of The Girl Who Was on Fire at 13 different “districts” around the web.

Yes, we know, technically there are only 12 districts in which reapings took place in the Hunger Games trilogy. But we wanted an excuse to give away two extra books. (Also, just to be clear, we aren’t going to teach you to shoot a bow and arrow or give you a makeover if you win, either. Unfortunately.)

We’ll be adding a link to a new giveaway daily, so be sure to keep this post handy. Or just make sure you’re following us on Twitter (@smartpopbooks and @smartpopYA) or have liked us on Facebook (Smart Pop Books and the former Teen Libris, now Smart Pop YA); we’ll link the giveaways there, too.

Happy entering, all. And as Effie Trinket would say, may the odds be ever in your favor!

District 1 (Friday, March 18)
Smart Pop Books

District 2 (Monday, March 21)
Blythe Woolston

District 3 (Tuesday, March 22)
Bree Despain

District 4 (Wednesday, March 23)
Cara Lockwood

District 5 (Thursday, March 24)
The Hob

District 6 (Friday, March 25)
The Hunger Games Trilogy Fansite

District 7 (Monday, March 28)
Adrienne Kress

District 8 (Tuesday, March 29)
Jennifer Lynn Barnes

District 9 (Wednesday, March 30)
Mary Borsellino

District 10 (Thursday, March 31)
Sarah Darer Littman

District 11 (Friday, April 1)

District 12 (Monday, April 4)
Down With The Capitol

District 13 (Tuesday, April 5)

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2 Comments On "A Panem-style reaping for The Girl Who Was on Fire"

  1. Tamara J

    I’m really excited for the release of this book! I just can’t wait to see what other writers have to say about The Hunger Games! Nothing but praise I’m sure :P


  2. Betty Henne

    I first heard Suzanne Collins speak at an Independent Bookstore Conference and was impressed with her comments about her father’s service in Iraq. I read the Hunger Games and was hooked. The Hunger Games is a selection of Advance Placement World History in the Charlevoix Public Schools. The trilogy is an impressive antiwar message. My favorite character: Katniss. She is a mixture of intelligence and compassion. Betty Henne, Bookseller
    Round Lake Bookstore, 216 Bridge St., Charlevoix, MI 49720


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