A Friday Night Lights Companion‘s Fan Favorite Tournament: Winner Announcement

By July 19th, 2011

Those of you who have been following our A Friday Night Lights Companion‘s Fan Favorite Tournament know that on Friday the final match came down to Tim Riggins and Coach Eric Taylor. Both accumulated a lot of votes (and a lot of supportive tweets!) throughout the weekend, but only one can win now. The Fan Favorite winner is . . .

Coach Eric Taylor

With 2/3 as many votes as Coach, Tim definitely held his own. But as many fans have said either in comments or tweets, Coach is the heart of the show; without him, there would be no Friday Night Lights.

Click to see an enlarged graphic of the overall bracket and everyone Coach Taylor had to face off against to win the Fan Favorite title.

Over the course of the last week, we received nearly 3,000 votes. The most contentious? Lyla vs Tyra, and Coach vs Tami. The biggest blowout? Coach vs Vince. The most surprising? Probably Jess holding her own against Tim Riggins.

Since Coach Taylor and Tim Riggins made it to the final two, we figured that fans must really love them. To celebrate them both making it so far in the tournament, yesterday we had both of their “Why We Love . . .” essays by Jen Chaney up in full, and for the next week you can still read “Why We Love . . . Coach Eric Taylor.”

If you’re already missing Friday Night Lights after Friday’s finale, we’d love for you to check out  A Friday Night Lights Companion, which is now available on Kindle and iBooks, and will be available in print form very soon.

Thanks for taking part in the tournament, and for helping us say goodbye to a much-loved show.

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