A Friday Night Lights Companion‘s Fan Favorite Tournament: Day 5

By July 15th, 2011

This is it folks: the finals are here, and we’re down to the last two characters. If you’re just joining us for the last day: To celebrate the release of A Friday Night Lights Companion (which we are not too proud to remind you is available right now on Kindle and iBooks, and will be available everywhere in print form soon)and to mourn the end of the show, this week we put all of your favorite characters up against each other in a bracket match to determine which character is the Fan Favorite. Click on the banner above to see a rundown of the rest of the week’s posts.

Highlights from yesterday:

  • Tim and Jess were a close match, but Tim came out on top.
  • Taylor vs. Taylor proved to be our closest match yet with continual ties throughout the day. Eric squeaked by Tami in the end by a 4 vote margin.
  • We had 3x as many votes on the Tim/Jess match-up than the Eric/Tami match-up. Why? We don’t know. But we suspect it might have been because it was too hard to choose between them.

Continue on below to vote, and make it count: Whoever wins this match-up will be crowned Fan Favorite!


Click to see an enlarged graphic of the bracket; day five’s match-ups are highlighted in orange.


Tim Riggins vs. Coach Eric Taylor

From Jen Chaney: After several rounds of voting, this is the final decision you have to make. One could characterize this match-up as a battle between coach and player, a fight between the screw-up and his sometime savior, or even a showdown between the two most admired characters in the entire Friday Night Lights universe. And, arguably, it is all those things. But it’s also a heartthrob face-off. So which one will it be: the young, sometimes wild hottie or the handsome man’s man of a husband? Is this a harder choice than deciding between Eric and Tami Taylor? Possibly. And nothing less than this online competition’s equivalent of State is on the line.

From “Why We Love . . . Tim Riggins”: Because Coach Taylor was right. There aren’t many kids with more fortitude than the screwed-up, street-smart, hard- drinking, kindhearted, and, yes, smokin’ hot Tim Riggins. 

From “Why We Love . . . Coach Eric Taylor”He made sure Smash Williams secured a spot at Texas A&M. He threw Matt Saracen into a cold shower and screwed his head on straight when his team and his grandmother needed him to be a leader. He turned Vince Howard into an East Dillon Lion and kept him out of jail. He stood before a parole board and with his words–“He is a good young man, and that’s how I know him”–helped Tim Riggins get out of jail. With the mantra that he devised and repeated before every Dillon Panther game, he instilled a set of principles in his soon-to-be-molded men every Friday night. 

Clear eyes, full hearts, can’t lose, ya’ll.

Who's your favorite, Tim or Eric?

  • Coach Eric Taylor (58%, 77 Votes)
  • Tim Riggins (42%, 55 Votes)

Total Voters: 130


We’ll leave the day 5 polls open all weekend, through 12 midnight Central on Monday, and announce the winner on Tuesday morning. In the interim, you can share on Twitter and Facebook (and pretty much anywhere else) with the Share button below. And be sure to check back on Monday, too, to read  Jen Chaney‘s “Why We Love . . . Tim Riggins” and “Why We Love . . . Coach Eric Taylor” in full!

If this has left you wanting more Friday Night Lights, we’d love for you to join our live tweet tonight during the 90-minute series finale on NBC. We’ll be there, box of tissues in hand, to say farewell to all of our favorite characters . . . and we’ll be giving away a few copies of A Friday Night Lights Companion, too!

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No Comments On "A Friday Night Lights Companion‘s Fan Favorite Tournament: Day 5"

  1. Dolphin

    Question? How can you leave the polls open all week if you’ve already advanced winners to Round 5? I don’t understand. I could see you leaving Round 5 open all weekend, but not Rounds 1 – 4.


    • Heather

      Sorry for the confusion! It is just the day 5 polls that will be open all weekend; I’ve edited the post to clarify. :)


      • Dolphin

        Cool! Thanks! :)

  2. KK

    I realize that ‘favorite character’ and MVP aren’t necessarily synonymous, BUT, let’s face it, the show would have collapsed without Coach Taylor, and his altogether too real struggles to deal with the players, friends, and family he loves, but frequently doesn’t understand.


  3. Ashley

    Well, Tim Riggins is Tim Riggins, but it’s gotta be Coach. There is no FNL without Coach.


  4. Dolphin

    I agree that there is no FNLs without Coach. The show’s arc began with Taylor coming into town … and ended when he left town. FNLs is about these coaches, their families, and their ‘on the road’ existence. It’s about the ties they create while they’re in town that inevitably will be broken in a physical sense at some point in time.

    Riggs gets a minor ding in my voting decision for being away in prison for a year (even though he did it for virtuous reasons; although, no one in Dillon knows this except for Tim, Billy, Mindy, Becky, and now Tyra). It must be said though that for Dillon, TX and its Panther football tradition, Tim Riggins is and forever will be ‘the Caretaker.’


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