2013 Holiday Gift Guide: Joss Whedon

By November 26th, 2013

All we want for Christmas is for our favorite Joss Whedon shows to stop getting cancelled.

Clearly Santa isn’t listening. Here are our suggestions for consoling all of your still-broken-hearted Browncoats.

  1. The Psychology of Joss Whedon [shameless self-promotion]. Revisit the worlds of Joss Whedon with trained psychologists at your side in this unauthorized exploration of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Angel, and Firefly. Looking for other reading material on Joss properties? Check out these other Smart Pop titles: Seven Seasons of Buffy, Five Seasons of Angel, Finding Serenity, Serenity Found, and Inside Joss’ Dollhouse.
  2. Buffy Cup Set. The perfect vessels from which to spread the Buffy Kool-Aid.
  3. Iron Man Cufflinks. For the Iron Man or woman in your life. We also love these similar earrings.
  4. Vampire Slayer Stake and Cross Necklace. Fend off unwanted vamps with your very own portable Mr. Pointy. If you’re more of an earring fan, we love these from the same Etsy shop.
  5. Marvel Avengers Bra. The Avengers would be very, um, supportive of this bra choice.
  6. Firefly Art Print. This shiny poster will brighten up any Firefly fan’s home.
  7. Firefly Half Apron. For your favorite apron-wearing Browncoat (Brownapron?).
  8. Buffy Poster Girls T-Shirt. This noir-style t-shirt will always be in style for Buffy fans.


Still haven’t found the perfect gift? We’ll have one more gift guide coming soon! In case you missed it, you can also see the guides we’ve already posted:

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You can also shop an older Dollhouse-specific board here.

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