2013 Holiday Gift Guide: Fanfiction and Fandom

By November 25th, 2013

If you wish you lived in an AU where the holidays don’t exist, well, we can’t help you there.

But we can least make the gifting portion of the season as painless as possible. Just think of us as your shopping beta.

  1. Fic [shameless self-promotion]. Fic: Why Fanfiction Is Taking Over the World, by Anne Jamison and with a foreword by Lev Grossman, is a brand-new Smart Pop release that explores the misunderstood world(s) of fanfiction. Get it for the significant other or parent who doesn’t really get your fic habit, but wants to–or for the fic reader or writer who’d appreciate the excuse to fall in love with fanfiction all over again.
  2. Excuse Me While I Fangirl Out Keychain. We do not, however, endorse fangirling out while driving.
  3. “I Ship It” Shirt. Be prepared for questions from family members about your sudden interest in sailing.
  4. Fangirl. Rainbow Rowell’s hit novel is a coming-of-age story about Simon Snow fangirl Cath will ring nostalgic to anyone who grew up with Harry Potter (and had their heart broken when the series ended). Also, heck, with a name like that, is has to be tempting for anyone who considers herself a fangirl, right?
  5. Fangirl Patch. For the friend who likes to wear her fangirl pride on her sleeve.
  6. Fanfiction Buttons. These “real life Mary Sue” and “I ship it” pins will push any fanfiction lover’s buttons in the best way. More button options can be found here.
  7. Mpreg Necklace. For those who are fearless about sharing their fic proclivities. (No shame!)
  8. Kirk/Spock Fanzines. Make someone the Spock to your Kirk with old-school Star Trek fic.
  9. Sherlock Holmes Notebook/Moleskine. Who is this gift perfect for? Why, any writers of Sherlock fic, my dear Watson! If the ficcer in your life isn’t in the Sherlock (or BBC Sherlock) fandom, this classic Moleskin notebook should do the trick instead.
  10. “I want to write bad fanfiction with you” Invitation Card. Give the gift of time spent together–writing terrible, terrible fic.


Still haven’t found the perfect gift? We’ll have three more gift guides coming soon! And in case you missed it, you can also see the guides we’ve already posted:

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