2013 Holiday Gift Guide: Assorted Geekery

By November 27th, 2013

Get the geeks in your lives something they really want this year.

Here are our ideas for all of the Shadowhunters, Potterheads, and Demigods on your shopping list–and more.

Percy Jackson

  1. Demigods and Monsters [shameless self-promotion]. Spend a little more time at Camp Half-Blood with this anthology of your favorite authors discussing the Percy Jackson and the Olympians series. Edited by Rick Riordan, it also contains a glossary of Greek mythology.
  2. Camp Half-Blood Gym Bag. Don’t forget to pack your sword!
  3. Anaklusmos T-Shirt. Don’t feel bad about drawing your pen in this tee. Your foe has been warned.
  4. Demigod Copper Bracelet. This bracelet is just the thing for your favorite Demigod.
  5. The Lightening Thief Mini Book Locket. Take your favorite Percy Jackson book with you wherever you go.
  6. Shoe Wings. We can’t promise these shoe-wings will make you as fast as Hermes . . . but we won’t tell you otherwise either.

The Mortal Instruments 

  1. Shadowhunters and Downworlders [shameless self-promotion]. Join Cassandra Clare and a Circle of more than a dozen top YA writers, including New York Times bestsellers Holly Black, Rachel Caine, and Kami Garcia, as they write about the Mortal Instruments series, its characters, and its world.
  2. Jace Quote Pendant. For the Jace or Clary in your life.
  3. City of Bones T-Shirt. The Mortal Cup is hiding in plain sight on this t-shirt.
  4. Hand-Stamped Mundane Cuff. This cuff is anything but mundane.
  5. Rune Vinyl Decal Sticker Pack. You too can wallpaper your bedroom with Runes, using this sticker pack.
  6. Angelic Power Rune Earrings. Angelic Power runes: useful and pretty.
  7. Angelic Power Rune Necklace. What we learned from The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones on the big screen: you can never have enough Angelic Power runes around.

Ender’s Game 

  1. Ender’s World [shameless self-promotion]. Go deeper into the complexities of Orson Scott Card’s classic novel with science fiction and fantasy writers, YA authors, and military strategists.
  2. Ender’s Game Phone Case. Dressed up in this case, your phone could almost be a “desk.”
  3. Dragon Army T-Shirt. Show your colors (orange and gray!) with this Dragon Army tee.
  4. The Enemy’s Gate Is Down Cuff. So you won’t forget this important piece of strategy in the Battle Room.
  5. International Fleet Courier Bag. Not that you’ll need to pack much when you’re recruited for Battle School.

Harry Potter

  1. The Psychology of Harry Potter [shameless self-promotion]. Leading psychologists delve into the ultimate Chamber of Secrets, ”¨analyzing human mind and motivation by examining the themes and”¨ characters that make the Harry Potter books the bestselling fantasy ”¨series of all time.
  2. Deathly Hallows Tank. Fellow Harry Potter fans will come out of the woodwork (literally?) to compliment this stylish take on the symbol.
  3. I’m a Keeper T-Shirt. People will be lining up to buy you butterbeers at the bar with this shirt on your side.
  4. Deathly Hallows Leggings. Versatile leggings for the Harry Potter fan/raver in your life.
  5. Wizard Pillow. Snuggle up with your favorite Harry Potter characters–in pillow form.


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