2012 Holiday Gift Guide: Game of Thrones/A Song of Ice and Fire

By November 15th, 2012
Winter is coming . . . but so is the holiday gifting season.

Is your present situation looking dire(wolves)? That space under the tree looking kind of, well, Stark? Do you have a list laden with Lannisters?

We have the gift guide for you!


  1. Direwolf Wrapround Scarf. Perfect for warming your friends who live in the cold north. (Would also look great wrapped around a package as decoration!)
  2. Beyond the Wall. Shameless self-promotion: Smart Pop’s anthology on George R. R. Martin’s A Song of Ice and Fire series is a must-read for fans waiting for the next installment (because who knows when that will be?).
  3. Game of Thrones Map Locket. Choose the landmark featured in your locket, whether it’s Kings Landing, Winterfell, or the Wall!
  4. Hand-Carved Night’s Watch Lighter. It’s cold and dark on the Wall. What could be more perfect for the man who’s just taken the Black, than this badass lighter? (If you’re buying for a Stark, this Winter Is Coming Lighter is equally awesome.)
  5. Game of Thrones Board Game. Test your skill at playing the Game of Thrones with HBO’s official board game.
  6. His and Hers Khal and Khahleesi Cuff Bracelets. Still searching for something for your own Khal or Khaleesi? Show your love with these matching cuffs.
  7. Valar Morghulis Copper Bracelet. For the tough lady who also loves trinkets. (This Not Today Necklace is also a good option.)
  8. House Lannister Converse Chucks. Typical of the Lannisters to be so stylish. (But this Etsy vendor lists plenty of other houses, too.)
  9. Night’s Watch Oath Print. You’ll never forget your oath with this print around.
  10. Maester’s Milk of the Poppy Pendant. We’re not sure what it says about you if you wear your drug of choice as an accessory, but this bottle is too adorable not to show off. (We won’t tell the Maesters if you don’t.)
  11. Winter Is Coming Sandals. Oh, the irony. Leave winter in your wake at the beach! (Or else use them to remind all those irresponsible children of summer that darker times await.)


Still haven’t found the perfect gift? We’ll have four more gift guides coming soon!

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