2012 Holiday Gift Guide: Assorted Geekery

By November 21st, 2012
As geeks with discerning taste ourselves, we know they can be hard to shop for.

Whether you’re buying gifts for a Potterhead, Whedonite, Twi-hard, or Trekkie–or something that’s too geeky to name–we’ve got the perfect pick.

Harry Potter

  1. The Psychology of Harry Potter. Get inside Harry’s head, with professional help. [From Smart Pop]
  2. Accio Keys Keychain. Know someone who’s always losing their keys? They won’t be able to put down this eye-catching keychain.
  3. Golden Snitch Bracelet. 150 points to whoever wears this bracelet.
  4. Deathly Hallows Necklace. The Deathly Hallows may have originated as a children’s tale, but this necklace will delight Harry fans of all ages.
  5. Harry Potter Lightning Glasses Ring. Give the gift of a (removable) lightning scar.


Battlestar Galactica

  1. So Say We All. The holidays are all about togetherness, and what says togetherness like the last remnants of civilization banding together? [From Smart Pop]
  2. Cufflinks. For the Viper fighter pilot in your life.


Mad Men

  1. The Unofficial Mad Men Cookbook. Give the gift of liquid calories, sixties style! [From Smart Pop]
  2. Falling Ad Man. Drape Don around a Mad Men lover’s neck.
  3. Draper’s Bar iPhone Case. Goes great with an Old Fashioned.


The Walking Dead

  1. Triumph of The Walking Dead. If you know someone who equates the holiday season with a zombie apocalypse, this gift will keep them good company as they hide out in their bunker. [From Smart Pop]
  2. Zombie Crossing Sign. It’s a known fact that zombies cause more traffic accidents that reindeer and moose combined. Protect your loved ones.


The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy

  1. 42 Utility Towel. Towel suitable for intergalactic travel (probably also the beach).
  2. The Anthology at the End of the Universe. For the hitchhiker in your life. [From Smart Pop]


The Big Bang Theory

  1. Unraveling the Mysteries of The Big Bang Theory. Sheldon-approved reading material. [From Smart Pop]
  2. Bazinga Pet Tag.This pug is not adorable. Bazinga!


Assorted Pop Culture

  1. Chocolate Gaming Dice Set. You’ll roll a 20 at gift giving if you pass these on to a gamer friend.
  2. Arrested Development Chicken Dance Print. With the new movie in the works, your Arrested Development loving giftees will surely want to brush up on the various chicken dances.
  3. Hobbiton Tea Cozy. Why a Hobbit house tea cozy? Because there’s nothing cozier than a Hobbit house.
  4. Steampug T-shirt.Steampunk + pug = gift perfection.


Star Trek

  1. Trekkie Traditional Greeting Hoodie. There’s nothing traditional about this Trekkie traditional greeting hoodie.
  2. Boarding the Enterprise. Visit the past and the future simultaneously with this anthology on Star Trek: The Original Series. [From Smart Pop]


BBC Shows

  1. Doctor Who iPhone Case. The flash is the light on top of the Tardis! We’re so impressed!
  2. Moriarty Blend Tea.This Sherlock inspired tea would be great in stockings, or as a gift on its own!
  3. Doctor Who Tree Skirt.From the Etsy shop owner: “Not responsible for malfunctioning spinning trees or Father Chrismas bands with hidden trombone weaponry.”


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