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In Pursuit of Spenser
Star Wars on Trial
The Psychology of Harry Potter
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In Pursuit of Spenser

Introduction: In Pursuit of Spenser

by Otto Penzleron the Spenser series

Apart from their affection for dramatic stories with the classic Greek arc of a beginning, middle, and end, aficionados of mystery fiction agree on virtually nothing. One significant exception to that generality is in the realm of the hardboiled private detective story, where there is virtually no disagreement that the trajectory of its greatest proponents is a straight line from Dashiell Hammett to Raymond Chandler to Ross Macdonald to Robert B. Parker.

It is Carroll John Daly who actually invented the form, producing the universally acknowledged first hardboiled private eye story with “Three Gun Kelly,” which featured Terry Mack and ran in the May 15, 1923, issue of Black Mask magazine. Daly built on his historical significance by writing a Race Williams story, “Knights of the Open Palm,” for the June 1, 1923, issue of Black Mask. When he wrote a second Race Williams story, “Three Thousand to the Good,” for … read more»

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Star Wars on Trial

Laziness Leads to Sloth, Sloth to Incompetence, Incompetence to Stupidity, and Stupidity to the Dark Side of the Force

by Nick Mamatason Star Wars

There are two main problems with the Star Wars films, which in turn lead to a more general problem with movies. The two problems specific to the films are as follows:

  1. Each episode subsequent to Episode IV renders the previous films increasingly nonsensical.
  2. Episodes I through III make episodes IV through VI … read more»
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The Psychology of Harry Potter

Using Psychological Treatment with Harry

by Neil Mulholland, Ph.D.on Harry Potter

I am a tremendous Harry Potter fan. As a reader, I revel in vicariously experiencing his triumphs and disasters and in imagining the adventures that this amazing young hero bravely jumps into while searching for his destiny. As a professional psychotherapist, though, it is even more intriguing to me to … read more»

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Grey's Anatomy 101

Anatomy of Twenty-First Century Television

by Kevin Smokleron Grey's Anatomy

There’s no logical reason why I love Grey’s Anatomy. I’m not a woman and don’t understand why the show gets labeled a chick program. I have no interest in medicine even though I went to Johns Hopkins. I don’t live in Seattle, was not a fan of any of the … read more»

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A Visitor's Guide to Mystic Falls

Case Notes: Salvatore, Stefan and Salvatore, Damon

by Heidi R. Klingon The Vampire Diaries

Note: Since the subjects are fictional characters, rather than sit down
with them separately or together, the therapist viewed twenty-two
hours of tape footage (one “season”) depicting their interactions with
one another and with others.


Stefan Salvatore

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