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The Unauthorized X-Men

A Plea for More Mystery

by Karen Haberon the X-Men

Q: What do these things have in common?

  • The Pyramids
  • Greta Garbo
  • The Big Bang

A: Mystery. They remain fascinating enigmas, untouched by years of analysis and speculation.

Q: What do these things have in common?

  • Paris Hilton
  • New Orleans Sewage System
  • The X-Men

A: Media overexposure. The more you look at them, the less interesting they become.

Icons are, by their very nature, mysterious. And they should stay that way. Spend too much time analyzing and demystifying them, and poof, the magic goes away.

So it is with the X-Men. They should be cherished as romantic exponents of wish fulfillment rather than placed under scientific scrutiny. They can’t hold up to the bright light of science.

I should know. I’m the coauthor of The Science of the X-Men. And if there’s anything I learned from that book, it’s that certain characters deserve to be given space and have their secrets preserved. Like Garbo, they want to be … read more»

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Perfectly Plum

From Disaster to Diva

by Natasha Fondrenon Stephanie Plum

The idea popped in my mind before I could stop it: Lula as self-help goddess.

Hah! I laughed at myself. Surely not.

Yet there the idea was, stuck in my head like a mosquito in a tent.

No, Lula? The 230-pound Lula? Goofy sidekick of Stephanie Plum? You … read more»

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The Psychology of Twilight

The Emotional Pleasures of Reading Twilight

by Peter Strombergon the Twilight Saga

The Twilight Saga is, simplified, a tale of the romance and adventures of a young woman and an immortal vampire she meets at school. Readers of the novels do not reject this premise out of hand–“regular old teenage girl falls for ancient vampire”–because by now we are so used to … read more»

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Tue 5/28
Alias Assumed

Torturers Wanted

by Sally D. Stabb, Ph.D.on Alias

NOW HIRING: Communications Specialists. Great employment opportunities with an organization that fits your values. You’ll help in the national security effort, learn marketable skills and work on a great team with strong leadership. On-the-job training provided; no previous experience or education necessary.


Of course, you would never answer an ad … read more»

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Serenity Found

Mutant Enemy U

by Loni Peristereon Firefly/Serenity

Living is learning and in living a good life we teach what we learn to others. At a very young age my family exposed me to all kinds of creative arts, from painting and sculpture to opera and Broadway; the good ones had a lasting message. Some person somewhere had … read more»

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