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Flirting with Pride & Prejudice
Getting Lost
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Flirtin' with the Monster

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Flirting with Pride & Prejudice

Lord Byron and Miss A

by Cheryl Sawyeron Pride and Prejudice

Matcham, near Sittingbourne, Kent
Friday 12 July 1811

My dear damnable officious Hobhouse–you have recommended worse things to me than staying these friends of yours but none more threatening of tedium–what did you mean by it? Is fl from London so imperative that I must Mput up with a leg-of-beef-eater, his vegetative wife, and three daughters as fibrous as so many string beans? I arrived late, begged off supper, spoke two words to the Matchams (who are welcoming, I grant you) and repaired upstairs to write this–my head seethes with venom. Heaven spare you tomorrow if the other guests resemble the plain Jane I glimpsed, fixing me with the cursedest Dragon stare ever wielded by maidenhood. Byron.

Saturday 13th

Hobby, you are forgiven and forgot. Only an Angel could earn you this mercy, an Angel who may vouchsafe . . . but more hereafter. The day began abominably. I was up early for … read more»

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Getting Lost

The Same Damn Island

by Adam-Troy Castroon Lost

The naysayers who condemned Lost prior to its first-season success
were fond of claiming that it was “just like” a certain other television
show, from some forty years in our cultural past, that it added nothing
to the mythos established by that earlier phenomenon, and that
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Jack Bauer for President

Hail to the Chief

by Kristine Kathryn Ruschon 24

As I write this essay, season six of 24 has just started with its characteristic bang (or, in this case, bangs). Much as I love the plotting, the cliffhangers, and the changes in the life of Jack Bauer and friends, what I love most about season six is something that … read more»

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Giving the Devil Her Due

by Nick Mamatason the Anita Blake, Vampire Hunter series

I have a deep respect for Laurell K. Hamilton, which never fails to surprise people. My own fiction is on the “slipstream” edge of the genre, as likely to be published in an underground zine or mainstream literary journal as it is in a genre magazine. My few books have … read more»

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Flirtin' with the Monster

Kristina Speaks Up

by "Kristina" on Crank and Glass

I’m not exactly sure where to begin, but to describe where my heart was at the beginning and how it got lost along the way. Any way you look at things, I’d like it to be known that I’ve always wanted to do the right thing. Even when it came … read more»

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