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Alias Assumed

Torturers Wanted

by Sally D. Stabb, Ph.D.on Alias

NOW HIRING: Communications Specialists. Great employment opportunities with an organization that fits your values. You’ll help in the national security effort, learn marketable skills and work on a great team with strong leadership. On-the-job training provided; no previous experience or education necessary.


Of course, you would never answer an ad that said “Torturers Wanted.” At least I hope not. But you just might answer the ad for the “Communications Specialist” and down the road find yourself threatening someone’s friends and family if he or she doesn’t tell you what you want to know, or even beating the crap out of that person if the information is not forthcoming. You’d never do something that evil? You’re too moral and too free-thinking? Only crazy sadists do this sort of thing? Don’t bet on it.


Think. In Alias, it’s not just Dr. Zhang Lee in the opening episode of the show, threatening Sydney … read more»

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Filled with Glee

The Twisted Love Life of Mr. Schue

by Jonna Rubinon Glee

Here’s what you need to know up front: I’m not a big fan of Will Schuester. In fact, whenever he comes on the screen, I sort of cringe inwardly and hope against hope that he’s not going to regale us with old-school hip-hop.

Sadly, I am usually disappointed, and I’ve suffered … read more»

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Perfectly Plum

Eeny, Meeny, Miney, Mo

by Nancy Tesleron Stephanie Plum

When I was thirteen my brother, six years my senior, caught my best friend and me in the finished basement of our Worcester, Massachusetts, home fooling around (in those days that meant serial kissing) with a couple of boys we’d met some months earlier at a local youth center. It … read more»

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Wed 3/3
A Visitor's Guide to Mystic Falls

Bonnie Bennett: A New Kind of Best Friend

by Bree Despainon The Vampire Diaries

As an author of teen fiction, there are many things I
absolutely love about my job: meeting new people,
spending all day creating fictional boys for my readers to
crush on, and developing whole new mythologies inside my
head. But I have to say that one of the absolute best … read more»

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A Friday Night Lights Companion

Why We (Mostly) Love . . . Julie Taylor

by Jen Chaneyon Friday Night Lights

Every Friday Night Lights fan adores the Taylor family. Who could resist Tami, the compassionate yet firm mother with the open mind and loving heart? Or Eric, the devoted, football-obsessed yet sensitive man of the house? Or even that darling, frequently absent little Gracie Belle Taylor?

And then there’s . . … read more»

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