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Star Wars on Trial
Inside Joss' Dollhouse
A New Dawn
Boarding the Enterprise
Nyx in the House of Night

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Star Wars on Trial

The Joy of Star Wars

by Adam Robertson Star Wars

The charge is that Star Wars is fantasy masquerading as SF?

Have the Prosecution even seen these films?

Let me try to understand here. Why would somebody think such a thing?

Well, perhaps because they have an unusually narrow sense of what SF is. Sure:

If we are looking for a rigidly and technically exact transfer of “science” into “fiction,” then Star Wars doesn’t fit the bill terribly well. If we want an example of a “literature of ideas,” then we’ll find slim pickings. If our fetishes are seriousness of purpose or emotional maturity then we’d better look elsewhere. But who says that these are the true benchmarks of SF?

There are other forms of SF than the dull and the weighty, the serious and profound; Star Wars belongs to one of those other forms–a specific, joyous and enduring sort. But that doesn’t make it fantasy. (Uh–excuse me–spaceships? robots? a whole planet converted into a … read more»

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Inside Joss' Dollhouse

"Let the Tide Come In"

by Rebecca Levingeron Dollhouse

The first season of Dollhouse promoted Echo with the tagline,
“She can be anyone, except herself.” At first glance, this is
certainly true of Echo’s story. She could be programmed to be
anyone in the world, but she was really Caroline, the funny,
outgoing, … read more»

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Wed 4/1
A New Dawn

Destination: Forks, Washington

by Cara Lockwoodon the Twilight series

I don’t like road trips. And I’ll tell you why.

Sure, there’s the whole being trapped in a car for hours eating Big Macs for days thing, while your legs go numb and you start wondering if it’s possible to die of boredom.

But for me it’s more than that.

I could handle … read more»

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Tue 3/31
Boarding the Enterprise

All Our Tomorrows

by Allen Steeleon Star Trek: The Original Series

If, by some quirk of fate, you were to find yourself in a strange part of the world where you don’t know the native language and were cornered by hostile locals who meant you grievous bodily harm, the wisest thing to do would be to attempt to communicate that you’re … read more»

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Mon 3/30
Nyx in the House of Night

The Divine Cat

by Ellen Steiberon the House of Night series

I might as well admit my prejudice up front: I’ve been crazy about cats for as long as I can remember, and I’ve been lucky enough to live with them for most of my life. So one of the things that immediately drew me into the House of … read more»

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