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Tue 1/22
A Friday Night Lights Companion

Class Not Dismissed

by Kevin Smokleron Friday Night Lights

Friday Night Lights began its life as a true story and remained so until it landed on television. Published in 1990 as a book by Philadelphia journalist H.G. “Buzz” Bissinger, Friday Night Lights: A Town, A Team, and A Dream spanned the 1988 football season of the Permian High School … read more»

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Mon 1/21
The Man from Krypton

Six Things About Superman That Just Don't Make Any Sense

by Adam-Troy Castroon Superman

It’s the little things that rankle. I’m willing to buy any number of impossible opening premises. The jolly, fat guy who spends his year building toys and his Christmas Eve zipping about on a flying sleigh drawn by twelve hovering reindeer: check. The guy who’s clean-shaven twenty-nine days out of … read more»

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Fri 1/18
Triumph of The Walking Dead

Zombie People

by Brendan Rileyon The Walking Dead

“She’s not your mother anymore.”

–Ed, Shaun of the Dead

“I don’t want to be walkin’ around like that.”

–Roger, Dawn of the Dead

“Keep your funeral, dear. Timmy and I are going zombie.”

–Helen, Fido

Zombie stories scare us in many ways, triggering our primal fear of being eaten alive, our instinctive … read more»

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Thu 1/17
In the Hunt

"We're Not Exactly the Bradys"

by Tanya Huffon Supernatural

Just to get one thing out of the way up front–I do not have kids. What’s more, there’s no chance of my ever having kids. Therefore, my discussing John Winchester’s parenting choices and the results of same could be considered marital advice from yet another unmarried marriage counselor. On the … read more»

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