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Perfectly Plum

From Disaster to Diva

Why Lula Should be the Next Self-Help Goddess

by Natasha Fondrenon Stephanie Plum

The idea popped in my mind before I could stop it: Lula as self-help goddess.

Hah! I laughed at myself. Surely not.

Yet there the idea was, stuck in my head like a mosquito in a tent.

No, Lula? The 230-pound Lula? Goofy sidekick of Stephanie Plum? You mean, Lula the ho?

Yes! Yes, and yes. And no, she’s not a prostitute anymore.

Believe it or not, I thought very little of Lula when I first read the adventures of Stephanie Plum. I loved watching the cars blow up and the coffins pop open–and Ranger. Boy, was I distracted by Ranger. I dreamed of Ranger, fantasized about Ranger, and fell in love with Ranger. I only noticed Lula when she drooled over Ranger (that was something I could identify with).

No, the idea of Lula as self-help goddess was something that came on gradually, after I worked past my Ranger-frenzy … read more»

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The Psychology of Twilight

The Emotional Pleasures of Reading Twilight

by Peter Strombergon the Twilight Saga

The Twilight Saga is, simplified, a tale of the romance and adventures of a young woman and an immortal vampire she meets at school. Readers of the novels do not reject this premise out of hand–“regular old teenage girl falls for ancient vampire”–because by now we are so used to … read more»

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Tue 5/28
Alias Assumed

Torturers Wanted

by Sally D. Stabb, Ph.D.on Alias

NOW HIRING: Communications Specialists. Great employment opportunities with an organization that fits your values. You’ll help in the national security effort, learn marketable skills and work on a great team with strong leadership. On-the-job training provided; no previous experience or education necessary.


Of course, you would never answer an ad … read more»

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Mon 5/27
Serenity Found

Mutant Enemy U

by Loni Peristereon Firefly/Serenity

Living is learning and in living a good life we teach what we learn to others. At a very young age my family exposed me to all kinds of creative arts, from painting and sculpture to opera and Broadway; the good ones had a lasting message. Some person somewhere had … read more»

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Fri 5/24
Inside Joss' Dollhouse

Rossum's Universal Robots

by Kristin Nooneon Dollhouse

In the season two episode “The Attic” (2-10), Echo came face to
face with Clyde Randolph, one of the two founders behind the
Rossum Corporation. At one point, she asked a simple question
about the name of the company, almost idly, out of curiosity:
“And Rossum . . . ?”

“Oh,” … read more»

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