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So Say We All
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So Say We All

Between the Stars

by Brad Linaweaveron Battlestar Galactica

“This is a first day of the new era.”

–Richard Hatch commenting on the new Battlestar Galactica

When Glen Larson first introduced the series Battlestar Galactica in the wake of the unprecedented success of Star Wars, no one anticipated the revolution he was bringing to television. The Larson series changed TV in the same manner that the Lucas film changed movies.

It is entirely fitting that the series is enjoying a rebirth in the twentyfirst century thanks to Michael Rymer, david Eick, and Ronald Moore.

The special-effects revolution that began in the late seventies made it possible to bring production values to episodic science fiction that would have been considered science fiction itself only a short time before. The question then became what to do with all the new techniques.

Earlier, Roddenberry’s Star Trek demonstrated that episodic adult drama could sustain itself in outer space (where the sexual revolution was taking male/female relations … read more»

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Navigating the Golden Compass

Letter to the Editor: In Praise of Mrs. Coulter

by Jean Rabeon the His Dark Materials series

To The London Times

ATTENTION: Editorial Section

Dear Sirs:

As an avid reader of your once-fine newspaper, I find myself increasingly displeased with your articles concerning Mrs. Coulter’s behavior and her research into the matter of Dust. You have sullied her fine name by unduly criticizing her character and activities! Your coverage … read more»

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The Anthology at the End of the Universe

Wikipedia: A Genuine H2G2-Minus the Editors

by Cory Doctorowon the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy series

‘Mostly Harmless’–a phrase so funny that Adams actually titled a book after it. Not that there’s a lot of comedy inherent in those two words: rather, they’re the punch line to a joke that anyone who’s ever written for publication can really get behind.

Ford Prefect, a researcher for the Hitchhiker’s … read more»

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Seven Seasons of Buffy

A World Without Shrimp

by Margaret L. Carteron Buffy the Vampire Slayer

“Alternate realities are neat,” declares Anya in the Buffy the Vampire Slayer episode “Superstar” (4-17). Apparently the creators of the series agree, for the malleable nature of “reality” proves to be one of the Buffyverse’s central themes. Anya reminds us of the infinite variety of possible worlds and the great … read more»

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Flirtin' with the Monster

More Than Just a Broken Line

by Susan Hart Lindquiston Crank and Glass

These days, when talking about why a book “works” one can’t simply take into account the compelling story or the beauty of the writing. Today, part of what makes a book work is its ability to connect with an audience. To become a bestseller. To stay in print.

For some authors, this has turned the … read more»

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