What People Are Saying About Ender's World

This book is an absolute must for all educators who use Ender's Game in the classroom. In the English classroom, the focus is always on "works of literary merit," to the students that just means old. Ender's Game is as deep as anything I have ever read and it is incredible to read such eloquent people put my thoughts to paper. I cannot express how much this collection of essays astounded me. After having to defend my choice of novels in my classroom for years, this book brings new ammunition to the fight. Every fan of Ender should read this book, it is simply amazing.

— Mr. Huffman, Arcadia High School

Have you ever finished a book and wanted to go deeper? . . . then the upcoming release of Ender’s World from Smart Pop Books edited by Orson Scott Card is just the thing for you . . . Aside from the 14 interesting and varied articles, someone had the genius idea to have Orson Scott Card answer readers’ questions . . . I really think Smart Pop has hit gold with this collection.

— Ender's Ansible, an Ender's Game fansite

As is always apparent in Smart Pop's titles, the essays included within Ender’s World are beautifully written by individuals on whom the source material has provided a long-lasting impact, which will warm any geek heart . . . The collection is edited by Card and . . . in this rare look into the mind of Ender Wiggin’s creator, readers will learn more on the writing and evolution of the events in Ender’s Game.

— Fanboy Comics

With new insight into the character Ender, Ender’s World offers analysis on why the book is so timeless and relevant and answers readers questions about the book and its universe.

ForeWord Reviews staff pick

Ender’s World is a fun and thought-provocative read, evaluating not just the novel Ender’s Game, but also its lasting effect on the science fiction genre. It provides a wide range of viewpoints and the contributors were well-selected, providing something, essentially, for everyone. If you’re interested in brushing up on the story again before the movie releases later this fall, check out Ender’s World for some new perspectives on this science fiction classic.

— GeekDad

A chorus of writers and military experts weigh in on why Ender’s Game is a work of genius . . . Strategist John F. Schmitt provides an account of the novel’s significant role as a model for the Marine Corps’ “Maneuver Warfare” battle approach, and there’s a perceptive discussion between writer David Lubar and his daughter, a high school teacher, about how Ender’s situation and responses speak to teens . . . Other contributors recall with awe their first encounters with the story, offer detailed analyses of Ender’s psyche and Card’s writerly technical chops, demonstrate that Ender is a classic mythic hero, or mull over the nature and costs of victory . . . This tribute may have some appeal to readers with an analytical bent.

Kirkus Reviews

Fascinating range of insights and discussions.

— Libromancer's Apprentice

. . . it was fun to read other Ender's Game geeks' opinions and thoughts concerning the book and the themes it presents.

— My Corner of the Universe

Intelligent and perceptive . . . Card's many fans will find much to enjoy here.

Publishers Weekly

Ender’s World is a fun and intriguing read whether you’re a long time fan of the series or if you’ve just picked the book up for fun. It’s a backstage pass into the universe of Ender Wiggin where you get to listen to other enthusiastic fans and get your questions answered by the Orson Scott Card himself.

— Rummaging for Answers in the Pages

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