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By November 3rd, 2012

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The fifth section of Fifty Writers on Fifty Shades of Grey that we’ll be sharing quotes with you from is all about writing in the trilogy. We’ll update this post on November 8 with quotes from the six essays from the Writing section. You can also catch the quotes daily on our Tumblr and Fifty Writers Facebook page.

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Writing Quotes

“Although I’d written truncated stories with light BDSM scenes that I’d worked into less complicated plots over the years, I’d never actually written a full-length novel where the love, emotion, and erotica revolved around a BDSM theme or ‘lifestyle.’ It was Fifty Shades that inspired me to do this. And not because it was a huge bestseller; I readFifty Shades and posted about it on my website months before it went mainstream. Fifty Shades inspired me because BDSM was a topic that I’d kept at a distance for too long, partly because I didn’t feel comfortable writing about it, and partly because I wasn’t certain I could do it justice.” –Ryan Field, “A Delicate Balance”

“A good sex scene contains enough erotic detail and pacing and originality to get us excited, which is sufficient for pornography but not for fiction. Beyond being arousing, the sex scenes in mainstream novels and short stories must offer more. Here it must be acknowledged that the line between pornography and mainstream fiction is sometimes difficult to draw. Women often need story and setting and emotion to get excited, so those elements are featured in pornographic novels for women, making them more like non-erotic fiction. And non-erotic fiction for women is often sexually explicit, because many serious women writers are bold about sex.” –Catherine Hiller, “Was It Good for You?”

“Christian isn’t the only one with a dark side. Ana, who is so innocent at the beginning of the story that she has never even masturbated, is completely unaware of her sexual self. She insists that she isn’t submissive and doesn’t enjoy sexual bondage or pain, but her thoughts and reactions during sex tell us a different story. The battle between ‘light’ and ‘dark’ takes place within Ana herself as she is forced to confront and finally embrace the ‘dark, carnal place’ within her own psyche.” –Joy Daniels, “The Story Is in the Sex”

“What is the intangible factor that makes this book sparkle–that makes it stay with a reader and forces them to reevaluate the way they look at reading? The sex, of course. It’s not just that there is sex in the book; if that were the case, there would be an entirely different conversation going on in contemporary society. No, the fact is that, in Fifty Shades of Grey, E. L. James has created an atmosphere where sex is seen as a good thing, a source of enjoyment. In short? It’s sexually positive. As a result, it reintroduces into contemporary society the idea that it is okay to read a book where characters obtain enjoyment, and–gasp!–pleasure from mutually beneficial sex.” –Stacey Agdern, “Sexually Positive”

“Ana’s inner goddess is everything that Ana wishes she could be, even though she’s never realized she had the wish in the first place. She is the inner voice that heroes and heroines of romantic fiction listen to when they are in doubt about their own desires– when they doubt those desires’ validity and rightness.” –Megan Frampton, “My Inner Goddess”

“His anthracite eyes brightened under His heavy, midnight brows and He gazed at her with an acquisitional hunger, like a Guy who hasn’t had anything to eat in days. And yet she could see some painful memory, some dark–dare she think black?–secret lurking behind those onyx eyes.” –Laura Antoniou, “Fifty Shades of Holy Crap!” 

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