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By November 9th, 2012

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The sixth section of Fifty Writers on Fifty Shades of Grey that we’ll be sharing quotes with you from is all about fanfiction in the trilogy. We’ll update this post on November 12 with quotes from the four essays from the Fanfiction section. You can also catch the quotes daily on our Tumblr and Fifty Writers Facebook page.

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Fanfiction Quotes

“Since fanfic is not bound by the strictures of commerce, creativity flourishes in infinite diversity. No fan writer is being steered by an editor toward what stories ‘sell’ best to bookstores. Instead, the fan writer answers only to the audience itself. Erotic fanfic topics encompass not only BDSM, but ‘kinks’ as varied as bubble baths, healing sex, male pregnancy, frenemies, comfort sex, bromance, and much more. Which will be the next hot trend? Fan writers will know before book publishers do.” –Cecilia Tan, “Fifty Shades of Stories”

“Prior to reading Twi-fanfiction, I’d had very little experience with erotic romance. As a matter of fact, in college I’d fallen in love with, and studied, Victorian literature, captivated by works such as Villette, Frankenstein, Dracula, Heart of Darkness, and Jane Eyre. Victorian literature is nowhere near erotic in nature, instead focusing on virtue and goodness. Fifty Shades of Grey changed everything I knew about literature and myself–it increased my curiosity, not only in erotic romance as a genre, but also in BDSM as a lifestyle.” –Tish Beaty, “Editing Fifty”

“When E.L. James altered her wildly popular Edward and Bella alternate universe fanfic ‘Master of the Universe’ and published it with a new title and new character names, she broke one of Fandom’s oldest social contracts: Thou shalt not profit from thy fanfiction. A ‘rule’ instituted long ago, primarily for legal purposes–studios and publishing houses were far more ‘cease and desist’—happy than they are now; it would’ve been a given that Stephenie Meyer’s people would take on Fifty Shades of Grey–it also serves the purpose of keeping fanworks for the fans.” –Mala Bhattacharjee, “Throwing Shade: How Fifty Shades of Grey Broke Fandom’s Rules”

“I often teach Jane Austen. I also taught ‘Master of the Universe’ (or MotU), the fanfiction version ofFifty Shades of Grey (names changed to protect the copyrighted), which was loosely based onTwilight, which was loosely based on Austen. I confess, however, that I teach Austen in courses labeled ‘literature’ and taught Snowqueens Icedragon, now better known as E.L. James, in a course labeled ‘popular culture.’ While Jane Austen would qualify as pop culture (now with more zombies!), Fifty Shades is unlikely to be designated as literature in the critical hive mind anytime soon. E.L. James would probably agree.” –Anne Jamison, “When Fifty Was Fic”


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