On Lost

The Lost Book Club

By Bill Spangler

There’s no spa. The cuisine is somewhat limited. The nightlife consists
primarily of attacks by a creature that can turn invisible. However,
the island where Oceanic Flight 815 crashed does boast one

There’s plenty to read.

Books and literary references can be found regularly on Lost. Some
books that have been seen are part of the booty Sawyer took from the
wrecked plane in “Tabula Rasa (1-3).” Others have been found in Swan
Station, the Dharma Initiative bunker. As of spring 2006–roughly
two-thirds through the second season–the references have ranged
from superhero comics to classic novels to philosophy. Hardcore fans
are turning to the books in search of clues to the show’s mysteries.

When The Third Policeman, a novel by Flann O’Brien, was added
to the Lost reading list in the second season, it was mentioned in USA
and other national media outlets. The publisher of The Third
ordered a new print run of 10,000 copies in order to meet
the expected demand. Craig Wright, co-author of the episode that includes
Policeman, was quoted as saying, “Whoever goes out and buys
the book will have a lot more information in their back pocket as
they theorize about the show. They will have a lot more to speculate
about–and, no small thing, they will have read a really great book.”

In addition to possible clues, I think other things can be found by
looking at the books shown on Lost. It’s a way of learning about the
writers’ influences and getting a  …

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