On Ender's Game

Parallax Regained

Two Views of Ender’s Game
By Alison S. Myers, David Lubar

Introduction #1: On the Origin of Thesis

My daughter and I have much in common. We both would rather lose a pint of blood than an argument. We both were raised by book-loving parents (heh, heh). And we both seem to have a knack for finding creative solutions to problems–especially those problems that would go away if left alone.

When I was asked to write an essay about Ender’s Game, it dawned on me that, despite our commonalities and our 50 percent identical DNA, my daughter and I approach the book from a variety of opposed perspectives. As a writer whose books are often assigned to students for required reading, I’m on the supply side of publishing and education. As a teacher who has taught science fiction and AP English, my daughter is on the demand side. I’m male, she’s female. I’m her parent, she’s my (grown) child. I grew up in a world without the internet; she can text with her eyes closed. My speculative preference as a young adult was for science fiction, hers was for fantasy. Even where there are commonalities, we diverge. Though we both studied philosophy, having fallen in love with it at the first sip, my focus was logic and computability, hers was ethics, identity, and responsibility.

I can think of no approach to this essay that is more exciting, and potentially more revealing, than to hold a discussion with her about our perceptions of and reactions to Ender’s Game. Our conversation will definitely be a discussion,  …

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