On Battlestar Galactica

Introduction: So Say We All

By Richard Hatch

The seventies: bad economy, double-digit unemployment, inflation, gas lines, and the Iran hostage crisis–a time when the world was looking for escapism. Following the great success of the Star Wars films came a weekly epic space opera with heart, humor, and lots of adventure, the one and only Battlestar Galactica: the perfect entertainment vehicle to take our stressed-out minds off our personal problems and give the entire family a big dose of hope, inspiration, and harmless entertainment. Sixty-five million people of all ages, cultures, and backgrounds tuned in to see the debut on ABC in September of 1978, giving one of the most highly publicized series in history a very respectable fifth-place finish in the Nielsen ratings. Twenty-one episodes later Battlestar Galactica was removed from the schedule, but not necessarily because of ratings, which listed Battlestar in twenty-fourth place and the sixth highest-rated new series of the season, but due to high production costs and the impossible challenge of mounting a theatrical-style series for television on a weekly basis. Please remember this was before state-of-the-art CGI and twenty-four frames per second high-definition cameras, which have made it possible to film faster and integrate special effects more effectively and less expensively. ABC at the time had seven of the top ten series on the air and could afford to drop the most costly television series in the history of entertainment, especially since the ratings, in their opinion, didn’t live up to the epic-sized budget.

To the dedicated fans of this series worldwide,  …

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