Introduction: Investigating CSI

CSI: Carefully Scripted Introduction
By Donn Cortez

I’m reminded of the episode of CSI where Grissom is supposed to give a speech introducing Ecklie, his immediate superior who’s just won an award. Not only does Grissom despise Ecklie– who cares more about political maneuvering than science–but Grissom hates giving speeches. Minutes before the speech is due, he’s still doodling notes on a napkin. When his beeper goes off, summoning him to a crime scene, he quickly hands the napkin to Catherine and tells her to give the speech instead.

All that’s written on the napkin is Ecklie’s name.

Umm.. . .

Fortunately, there are two major differences between me and Grissom. First, I don’t despise what I’m about to introduce–on the contrary, I’m a huge fan of the franchise and in fact have written several CSI: Miami novels. Second, I actually have something to say.

You see, I investigated a murder the other day.

I found the body in my front yard at around 11 a.m, and Ided the vic immediately as a long-time resident of my house. Careful observation of the body gave me an approximate tOd of two to three hours earlier; the victim was known to stay inside during the night. I had cut the lawn the previous evening, and the body lay on top of the clippings.

The head and neck were mutilated, suggesting an animal attack. However, an eye was missing, and crows are common in the neighbor-hood–plus, the body itself wasn’t ripped apart as a predator would do. I surmised that the head and neck had been  …

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