CSI Episode Summaries

By Elyse Dickenson

CSI: Crime Scene Investigation

Season One

1-1. PILOT (Oct 6, 2000) When a man is found dead in a bathtub with a suicide note, the case seems pretty cut and dry, but Gil Grissom has reason to suspect foul play. Nick investigates a tourist who was robbed by a hooker–in a most unique manner. Catherine and Warrick handle the case of a homeowner who shot an intruder, but the evidence isn’t matching up. Meanwhile, Warrick is given the task of supervising new rookie holly Gribbs, with tragic results.

1-2. COOL CHANGE (Oct 13, 2000) A gambler wins $40 million and then falls to his death from a high-rise hotel. Grissom brings in junior criminalist Sara Sidle to assist in the case. Catherine must learn to work with the newest member of the team when holly dies of her wounds. While Grissom receives an unwanted promotion, Warrick’s gambling problems soon find him beholden to a judge.

1-3. CRATE ’N BURIAL (Oct 20, 2000) Laura Garris, wife of a millionaire, is kidnapped and buried alive in the desert. the CSI team race against the clock to find her before she dies from lack of oxygen. Meanwhile, Catherine and Warrick investigate the tragic hit-and-run of a small child and find the driver. However, the evidence soon contradicts the man’s confession.

1-4. PLEDGING MR. JOHNSON (Oct 27, 2000) Something’s fishy when the dismembered leg of wendy Barger surfaces in a lake. Grissom and Catherine must backtrack the woman’s movements, which may lead them to a fatal case of  …

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