On Gilmore Girls

Whimsy Goes with Everything

By Heather Swain

I’ve decided to move to Stars Hollow. I’ve had enough of New York City with all its hubbub and rigmarole. Who needs fifty-nine dollar, truffle-topped, wagyu beef burgers? Who wants to wait six months for a table at one of Mario Battali’s forty-seven new Italian restaurants? I certainly never need to see Hugh Jackman run around Broadway in a white leisure suit again. Or stand beside the next Bernard Goetz on my morning subway commute. It’s enough to drive a sane person completely Taxi Driver. I don’t want to wake up one day, shave my head into a mohawk, and start yelling “You talking to me?” in the mirror. What I need is a nice, quiet little town, full of fine folks, where I can be me. Besides, there’s someone in Stars Hollow I find quite enchanting. Anyway, what’s New York got that Stars Hollow can’t offer? Restaurants? What about Luke’s? Now that’s a damn fine diner with good coffee, and I hear the meatloaf is excellent. Bakeries? Weston’s has twenty-seven kinds of pie and thirty-four flavors of ice cream. Mincemeat with praline pecan? Shoofly with butter brickle? You could probably get it there. and the gourmet market, Doose’s, sells everything from easy mac to aged Camembert. (Although, personally I prefer a nice soy cheese, what with my lactose intolerance and all.) Plus entertainment! You wouldn’t believe the festivals, parades, celebrations, and cultural events such a little burg puts on. I’ll take the Stars Hollow Firelight Festival over Shakespeare in  …

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