The Psychology of Superheroes

An Unauthorized Exploration

Edited by Robin Rosenberg, PhD

This latest installment in the Psychology of Popular Culture series
turns its focus to superheroes. Superheroes have survived and
fascinated for more than 70 years in no small part due to their
psychological depth.

In The Psychology of Superheroes,
almost two dozen psychologists get into the heads of today’s most
popular and intriguing superheroes. Why do superheroes choose to be
superheroes? Where does Spider-Man’s altruism come from, and what does
it mean? Why is there so much prejudice against the X-Men, and how
could they have responded to it, other than the way they did? Why are
super-villains so aggressive? The Psychology of Superheroes answers these questions, exploring the inner workings our heroes usually only share with their therapists.

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