Liam McIntyre

Liam McIntyre is a giant nerd. He’s not shy about it. He spent too
much of his life playing video games, collecting miniatures, and trying
to invent new board games. This made him a real hit with the ladies.
At some stage he decided he wanted to be an actor. Then, years later,
he was surprised to discover that, all evidence to the contrary, he was,
in fact, Spartacus. He’s also been known to menace the Flash in the
guise of the Weather Wizard. Liam resides in Los Angeles, c/o The
New World, with his beautiful wife, Erin, and a really great character
in Skyrim. When he returns home to Terra Australis, he reconnects
with his friends through the age-old art of Munchkin. It’s amazing
they’re still friends, really. They’re pretty cool, too, in case you were

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