Joseph Scrimshaw

Joseph Scrimshaw is a comedian, writer, and squirrel enthusiast based in Los Angeles. He’s brought his geek-flavored comedy to the San Francisco SketchFest, Chicago Improv Festival, Jonathan Coulton’s JoCo Cruise Crazy, and more. He’s written for John Kovalic’s Dork Storm Press, RiffTrax, the public radio show Wits, and James Urbaniak’s podcast Getting On with James Urbaniak. Joseph’s podcast Obsessed has been featured as a “Staff Favorite” on iTunes and listed 6425_Book.indd 79 12/23/15 1:51 PM 80 The Munchkin Book in the top 100 comedy podcasts. Joseph’s first book, Comedy of Doom, was released in July 2012, and his comedy and music album, Flaw Fest, entered the world in November 2013. His hit plays Adventures in Mating, The Worst Show in the Fringe, An Inconvenient Squirrel, and My Monster (written with Bill Corbett) have been performed all over the world. In his free time, Joseph wastes all his free time tweeting about not having enough free time.

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