Colm Lundberg

Colm Lundberg is a budding Irish writer who has been prominent in the Irish gaming scene for over 20 years. He’s spent a lot of that time running charity auctions. He has also run charity auctions in the U.K., sharing a stage with James Wallis, who made a £50 charity donation to make Colm chug £3 fizzy wine. He has yet to forgive James. He managed to escape the capital city for more rural climes, currently living in the wilds of County Kerry with his wife Jen. They have a rescue dog called Scooby. (He is nothing if not original.) Colm has worked for Steve Jackson Games, has been a member of the MIB (Men in Black, the Steve Jackson Games convention support team) for over 15 years, and has learned many secrets during a stint as MIB Control. It is purely coincidental that he also works for the Irish government. Colm recently became a real-life game designer with his first game, Love 2 Hate from Green Ronin, and, no, he still doesn’t know how.

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