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Smart Pop at Comic-Con 2012

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Last week Leah and I made the annual trek to San Diego to exhibit at Comic-Con International. We saw many Smart Pop contributors, new and old (click through our complete photo album on Facebook here), and over the course of the event, gave away a ton of goodies, including:

Pretty good, no? The whole show was a blast, and we’ve shared some of the highlights below! (To get the full rundown of Smart Pop Comic-Con events, you can also read Leah’s pre-con post here.)


We were especially excited when the doors opened for this year’s preview night, because of our …

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Smart Pop Writers at San Diego Comic-Con

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Here at Smart Pop, we’re about to depart for California, to get everything ready for Comic-Con later this week. As a final pre-convention gift, we wanted to leave you with a list of our panel highlights: panels featuring Smart Pop writers!

(You can also see a list of these, along with some other panels we’re particularly interested in, and all the details at our official Comic-Con MySchedule page.)

If we didn’t need to be at the booth, these are the places we’d be.



“Battlestar: So Say We All” — 10:30 am — 6BCF
Jane Espenson, Kevin Grazier, Richard Hatch

“Once More, with Comics” — 12 pm — 26AB
Jane Espenson

“The Dark Knight Rises: Is Batman Broken?” — 2:30 pm …

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