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The Smart Pop gift guide: books and more

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December always sneaks up on me: suddenly, I’m inundated with Black Friday sales emails, and I realize I have a full list of Hanukah and Christmas gifts to shop for and not a lot of time to do it in.

In case you’re in the same boat: here’s our top 5 best gift bets from our last 12 months of new releases. We’ve also added a few related non-book gift options to round out each suggestion–just in case you really like the person (or your Secret Santa lower limit is higher than a list price of $16.95).

For the Mad Men fan, the foodie, or the history buff:

The Unofficial Mad Men Cookbook

You’re especially in luck if your giftee is all three. Every …

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The Psychology of Twilight giveaway winner!

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Thanks to everyone for commenting on our Psychology of Twilight giveaway! The answers were really interesting and really split. In case you’re curious about what movie came out on top, here’s the breakdown:

Total votes: 45

  • Twilight: 12 votes or 27%
  • New Moon: 3 votes or 7%
  • Eclipse: 15 votes or 33%
  • Breaking Dawn: 14 votes or 31%

Eclipse is just barely the winner!

Now, the winners of the book:

Congrats to Diana (#33), Stepany (#19), Sarah (#1), Maria Belen (#42), and Lauren (#17)!

I’ll be in touch shortly, to make sure your winning copy gets to you quickly. Enjoy!

For all other readers, you can get your own copy and sign up for book updates (which also gets you …

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Sign up for our mailing lists, get free excerpts!

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Sign up for free chapters and book updates

If you’re already signed up for certain book mailing lists, you’ll have heard about the exciting new initiative we’re starting. When you sign up for designated mailing lists (they’ll be paired with the above graphic), you’ll not only get the latest news on the book, but we’ll also email you a free PDF of book content. There are thirteen excerpts you can download right now and there’s no limit to what you can sign up for, so go crazy if the mood strikes you! Scroll down in the post to see what we have available; we hope you enjoy.


From our back list, you can get excerpts for the following titles (just click on the book titles, and scroll down until you see …

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Nyx in the House of Night Giveaway!

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The ninth House of Night book, Destined, came out last month, and by now we figure you’re probably looking for your next House of Night fix; we’ve got a giveaway that should do the trick!

Five winners will receive:

  • a copy of Nyx in the House of Night signed by both P.C. and Kristin Cast
  • a gorgeous illustrated print of the goddess Nyx signed by the artist, Alan Torrance (check it out above)
  • and, as a little extra, a NYX cosmetics Slim Eye Pencil in sapphire (NO relation to the series; just a great coincidence!)

(We support everyone’s right to wear eyeliner, regardless of gender. But it’s also the perfect color for drawing on a Fledgling tattoo for the next book release party!)

To …

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The Psychology of Twilight Giveaway!

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Since Leah introduced The Psychology of Twilight a few weeks ago, I’m sure many of you have been eager to pick up a copy of Smart Pop’s latest anthology for your own (in time for the big movie release of Breaking Dawn: Part 1).

If you have wanted to read this anthology, today just may be your lucky day. We’re giving away five copies of The Psychology of Twilight to five (randomly selected!) commenters.

We’ll leave this giveaway up through the weekend—in case you’re busy fighting the crowds at the theater instead of sitting at your computer—and announce the winners on Monday. ETA: Deadline for entry extended through Monday at midnight CST! (We’ll announce Tuesday.)

Simply comment with the answer to this Twilight …

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Watch our Unofficial Mad Men Cookbook authors in action!

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The media coverage is just getting started for The Unofficial Mad Men Cookbook–you can read some great local coverage from Needham’s Wicked Local and the Boston Herald. But we particularly wanted to share this great video the Boston Herald shot of Judy and Peter talking about the book and even putting together a few of the recipes. (You also get a little visual taste of the book itself, as they flip through.)

And of course, don’t forget you can get the introduction and some sample recipes by signing up for our Unofficial Mad Men Cookbook news and update list, on our book page, and a few more by liking The Unofficial Mad Men Cookbook on Facebook!…

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Secrets of the Dragon Riders Special

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Congratulations to Christopher Paolini on yesterday’s release of the fourth and final Inheritance Cycle book, aptly titled Inheritance. In honor of the book’s debut, we’ve posted an essay from Secrets of the Dragon Riders for this week’s YA Wednesday essay; you can read “My Dragon, Myself” by Kelly McClymer here for the next week. We’re also running another special: for the time being, you can get Secrets of the Dragon Riders on Kindle for the crazy low price of 89 cents! We hope you enjoy.…

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Halloween “Costume” Contest Winners

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Thanks to everyone who entered our Halloween book giveaway! There were lots of entertaining comments and creative costume ideas that really put my burglar outfit to shame.

Here are our five winners, who will get their choice of Fringe ScienceThe Psychology of Twilight, or Triumph of The Walking Dead!

John Bradford (Mad Scientist)

Dale Donovan (Envy, of the seven deadly sins)

Mandy (Hello Kitty)

Matt (Land Shark)

Susan (Cleopatra)


If you didn’t win this time, we’ve got plenty of giveaways coming up in the next couple of months, so be sure to check back on the blog or sign up for book updates below!


Sign up for Fringe Science Updates


Sign up for The Psychology of Twilight

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