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In the Hunt

Blue Collar Ghost Hunters

by Jamie Chamberson Supernatural

Flip on the television, head off to the movies, or open up a comic book. You’ll see ghosts aplenty, monsters hiding behind every bush, and more evil than you can shake a stick at. Those that battle such terrors are inevitably endowed with superpowers, expensive high-tech gadgets, or an arsenal worthy of the legions of Hell. The conflicts in each of these tales are challenging, but you don’t exactly see Everyman hunting dark forces in most pop culture stories. There seems to be an unwritten assumption that Everyman would get his ass handed to him.

Who you gonna call? The Ghostbusters were a for-profit corporation founded by three guys who each sported PhDs and came from cushy, grant-funded research studies at a major university. Mulder and Scully had the authority and resources of the Federal Bureau of Investigations, with an expense account, sidearms, and cell phones. Buffy Summers inherited superpowers and … read more»

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The Psychology of Twilight

Prejudice in Twilight

by Melissa Burkley, Ph.D.on the Twilight Saga

A quick look at our films, television shows, and books reveals an interesting fact about humans: we are fascinated by prejudice. Not just racism, though we do see racism dealt with frequently. We’re captivated by any negative attitude toward individuals because of their group memberships. Some movies and TV shows … read more»

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Wed 11/5
Jack Bauer for President

Hacking Jack Bauer

by Jim Rapozaon 24

While 24 has many themes, the one thing that is always at the core of the show is security. Whether it’s the security of a presidential candidate, the city of Los Angeles, or the entire country, the main plot of every season of 24 hinges on one group of people … read more»

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Tue 11/4
Alias Assumed

They Scanned Our Brain Waves From Orbit...

by Roxanne Longstreet Conradon Alias

I love Alias. I’m a first-adopter; I was an Alias fan from the premiere on. I hooted when I got my new HDTV and realized the show was wide-screen and psychedelically high-deffy. I love the kickboxing, the cool shoes, the bad-ass wigs, the shameless use of lingerie and frequent use … read more»

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Inside Joss' Dollhouse

All Dolled Up

by Valerie Estelle Frankelon Dollhouse
The world is a very simple place. At first. And then
as we grow up, it grows around us. A dense thicket
of complication and disappointment. Unbearable for
some, and even for the luckiest of us still sometimes
more than we can handle. Less … read more»

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