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A Visitor's Guide to Mystic Falls
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Transgression in Supernatural and Its Fanfiction

by Emily Turneron Supernatural

Supernatural is a text packed full of themes of transgression. That is to say, to “transgress” is to go beyond a boundary or limit, those boundaries and limits often pre-set or prescribed. In the case of Supernatural, two core examples of transgression occur both within the plots and premise of the show-the boundaries of reality as we (the viewer) know it are transgressed by the existence and behavior of supernatural elements (ghosts, cryptids, demons)—and at a meta-textual level—both the creators and characters refer to outside films, shows, comics, and other texts, transgressing the boundaries of Supernatural as a discrete text itself. The themes of transgression trickle down into countless aspects of the show, both trivial and key to narrative. Sam and Dean transgress the boundaries of their own society to live as nomads and work the system with their fake IDs and lack of permanent address. They … read more»

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In the Hunt

"We're Not Exactly the Bradys"

by Tanya Huffon Supernatural

Just to get one thing out of the way up front—I do not have kids. What’s more, there’s no chance of my ever having kids. Therefore, my discussing John Winchester’s parenting choices and the results of same could be considered marital advice from yet another unmarried marriage counselor. On the … read more»

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A Visitor's Guide to Mystic Falls

Bonnie Bennett: A New Kind of Best Friend

by Bree Despainon The Vampire Diaries

As an author of teen fiction, there are many things I
absolutely love about my job: meeting new people,
spending all day creating fictional boys for my readers to
crush on, and developing whole new mythologies inside my
head. But I have to say that one … read more»

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Filled with Glee

Who's the Real LIMA Loser?

by A.M. Dellamonicaon Glee

In the first season of Glee, one thing was crystal clear: if Finn Hudson had it, then Noah Puckerman wanted it. Despite their longstanding friendship, Puck couldn’t seem to keep from sabotaging a good thing. He had sex with Quinn, then pursued her behind Finn’s back. Later, he … read more»

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Filled with Glee

At the Heart of Sue Sylvester

by Gabi Stevenson Glee

In the interest of full disclosure, I have to tell you that I’m a romance author. I’m also a sap; I freely admit it. I’m always looking for a happy ending. Glee is one of those wonderful
visceral shows that allows someone like me to laugh and … read more»

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