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Alias Assumed

Psychological Profile: J.J. Abrams

by Misty K. Hook, Ph.D.on Alias


DATE: January 17, 2005
TO: Special Agent Misty K. Hook, Ph.D.
FROM: Section Chief, PsyOps
RE: Psychological profile of J. J. Abrams, creator of Alias

As you know, during our staff meeting of January 14, concerns were raised about the television show Alias. It was stated that the show provides unacceptable illumination of the inner workings of the Central Intelligence Agency and is extremely accurate about the mental status of our field agents. Attention has focused on J. J. Abrams, the creative force behind the show. It was suggested that either he is making uncannily precise guesses about our operations (particularly about the little-known existence of Black Ops sections) or that he may have a mole within the agency who is feeding him information. In order to assess the level of risk, we need for you to complete a psychological profile of subject Abrams in order to … read more»

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The Psychology of the Simpsons

Alcohol-The Cause of, and Solution to, All Life's Problems

by Denis M. McCarthyon The Simpsons

It’s fair to say that we are of two minds about alcohol. In the U.S. about half of the population over twelve report being current drinkers (1). Alcohol abuse is a serious health problem, and is estimated to cost the U.S. over $184 billion a year in health care, lost … read more»

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Batman Unauthorized

Robin: Innocent Bystander

by Jake Blackon Batman

Essay excerpt to come!

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The Psychology of Dexter

Introduction: The Psychology of Dexter

by Bella DePauloon Dexter

Dexter may well be one of the most psychologically delicious
treats in television history. We love Dexter. We
root for him, season after season.

But he’s a killer–a serial killer! Why do we relish Dexter so
much? And why don’t we at least feel guilty about … read more»

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The Girl Who Was on Fire

Team Katniss

by Jennifer Lynn Barneson the Hunger Games trilogy

These days, it seems like you can’t throw a fish in a bookstore without hitting a high-stakes love triangle–not that I recommend the throwing of fish in bookstores, mind you (it annoys the booksellers–not to mention the fish), but it certainly seems like more and more YA heroines are being faced with a problem of … read more»

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