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Demigods and Monsters - Expanded Edition
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Demigods and Monsters - Expanded Edition

Why Do So Many Monsters Go Into Retail?

And How Come They’re Never Selling Anything a Demigod Really Wants?

by Cameron Dokeyon Percy Jackson and the Olympians

It’s not easy being a young demigod.

Just ask Percy Jackson. He can tell you.

Always assuming he has time to catch his breath between pursuing a quest or being pursued by the forces of evil hot on his trail, sometimes literally breathing down his neck right behind him.

In Shakespeare, there’s a stage direction that reads: Exit, pursued by a bear. (I am not either making this up. You can look it up for yourself if you want to. It’s in The Winter’s Tale, Act III, scene 3. And you thought Shakespeare was just some stuffy dead guy.)

But my point, and I do have one, is that the character in Shakespeare had it lucky. At least he knew it was a bear behind him. Whenever Percy Jackson flees the scene, he never knows what shape the thing after him might take. That’s one of the challenges of being chased by monsters. And … read more»

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Ender's World

The Price of Our Inheritance

by Neal Shustermanon Ender's Game

I was lucky enough to run into Orson Scott Card at a recent conference, and over lunch we discussed the nature of the essays coming in for the collection. He found it interesting, and often flattering that people felt compelled to reminisce about where and when they first read Ender’s … read more»

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Demigods and Monsters - Expanded Edition

The Gods Among Us

by Elizabeth M. Reeson Percy Jackson and the Olympians

What You Can’t See Might Harm You

Living in New York City, just under two miles from what became Ground Zero, I witnessed the events of 9/11 all too close to home. It was a scene to gladden the war-mongering heart of Ares, the Greek god of war. The smoky, fiery … read more»

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Fri 9/19
So Say We All

Between the Stars

by Brad Linaweaveron Battlestar Galactica

“This is a first day of the new era.”

—Richard Hatch commenting on the new Battlestar Galactica

When Glen Larson first introduced the series Battlestar Galactica in the wake of the unprecedented success of Star Wars, no one anticipated the revolution he was bringing to television. The Larson series changed … read more»

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Thu 9/18
Beyond the Wall

The Brutal Cost of Redemption in Westeros

by Susan Vaughton A Song of Ice and Fire

In his essay “Epic Pooh,” Michael Moorcock postulates that J.R.R. Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings trilogy barely rises above nursery-room prose that “tells you comforting lies.” Moorcock describes the epic as an anti-romance, laced with the author’s Christian belief system to the point that faith is substituted for artistic rigor. … read more»

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