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Inside Joss' Dollhouse

Like a Boss

by Johnathan Masonon Dollhouse

Of the various reasons to sing Dollhouse’s praises, my personal
evangelism of the show (to anyone who would sit still long
enough to watch) boiled down to pointing at Olivia Williams
whenever she was onscreen and noting to my captive audience:

“There. That’s who you should be watching this for.”

That Adelle DeWitt was the first voice heard in Dollhouse is
no coincidence. Not to slight any of the talented cast, but her
performance was a subtle symphony—a pop of her calculating
expression, a turn of phrase—that shaded every scene she took
part in. Indeed, “Echo,” the unaired pilot episode, and “Ghost,”
the series premiere, which are otherwise two very different
episodes, both had her introducing the premise of the show in
their openings.

Both began … read more»

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Batman Unauthorized

Keeping It Real in Gotham

by Robert Brian Tayloron Batman

It was early 2005. Christopher Nolan’s Batman Begins was well into post-production and slated to open that June. Meanwhile, filming on Bryan Singer’s Superman Returns was underway for a summer 2006 release. And it seemed like every fourth day I would find myself embroiled in a heated debate over which … read more»

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Jack Bauer for President

Jack Bauer Is the Dirty Harry for the Age of Terrorism

by Lorie Byrdon 24

“Go ahead, make my day.”

It is not hard to imagine Jack Bauer delivering “Dirty Harry” Callahan’s famous line from the 1983 film Sudden Impact, or standing in for Callahan in the scene the line comes from, daring a man to go ahead and shoot the woman he’s holding hostage at … read more»

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Girls Gone Wild

by Heather Swainon the Anita Blake, Vampire Hunter series

A good story demands transformation and for Protestant America’s buck, not much beats virtuous Christian girls tumbling into depravation. The mother/whore, the fallen angel, the good girl gone bad rivets readers to the page. When the preacher’s daughter winds up the pregnant homecoming queen (or for that matter, the vice-presidential … read more»

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The Girl Who Was on Fire - Movie Edition

Panem et Circenses

by Carrie Ryanon the Hunger Games trilogy

In the Hunger Games trilogy, Suzanne Collins takes our obsession with Reality TV and extends it to the most horrifying ends: a society that views kids killing kids as entertainment. It’s easy to find this an uncomfortable premise—to turn our noses up and say that while we may enjoy  read more»

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