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So Say We All

Stripping the Bones

Raising a New Battlestar From the Ashes of the Old

by A.M. Dellamonicaon Battlestar Galactica

There are those who believe that being a Battlestar Galactica fan means always having to say “I’m sorry.”

That was how it once seemed.

“It was the helmets,” a friend confided, smirking. “Apollo’s making a parachute drop into a Cylon city and he’s wearing the exact same hockey helmet I had in my gym bag.”

Over time it went from bad to worse. Fans of allegedly superior SF offerings from Star Trek to V took delight in poking fun at everything Galactican: the robotic dog, Muffet, the unicorn-riding teen guerrillas of “The young Lords,” the way planets full of clones and even shipboard computers couldn’t help falling in love with Starbuck. And they did have a point. There was plenty to mock.

Critics were no kinder. When Galactica hit TV screens in 1978, the show was derided as a rip-off of Star Wars and The Ten Commandments. The hoots got louder when Galactica 1980–with … read more»

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Serenity Found

Mal Contents

by Alex Bledsoeon Firefly/Serenity

See how I’m not punching him? I think I’ve grown.

–Mal, “Shindig”

In the first scene of “Serenity,” the pilot episode of the series Firefly, Malcolm Reynolds was introduced as a loser. His cause had been lost, the specific battle he was fighting had been lost, and his personal command … read more»

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Secrets of the Dragon Riders

My Dragon, Myself

by Kelly McClymeron the Inheritance series (Eragon)

Confession time: I love dragons, and have since the first time I heard of the mythical creatures who liked to kidnap princesses and test the princes who would rescue them. Only the best, bravest, smartest–smartest was always the key–could beat the evil, ravening, blazing beasts and free the princess. This … read more»

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A Friday Night Lights Companion

Why We Love . . . Vince Howard

by Jen Chaneyon Friday Night Lights

Vince Howard became Coach Eric Taylor’s most daunting challenge. A kid with a criminal record, a drug-addicted mother, a dad in jail, and a tendency to hang with some super-shady dudes, young Vince had little genuine interest in playing football, much less becoming leader of his high school team.

But become … read more»

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Beyond the Wall

Men and Monsters

by Alyssa Rosenbergon A Song of Ice and Fire

There’s no question that the world George R.R. Martin has created in his Song of Ice and Fire novels is a brutal one, often novelly so. Whether his characters are being flayed, turned into zombies in dungeons or ice demons in northern forests, or burned to death by mad kings … read more»

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