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Perfectly Plum

The Fast and the Furry-ous

Why Rex Is the Only Man Stephanie Needs

by Rhonda Eudalyon Stephanie Plum

Rex is pretty much nocturnal so we’re sort of like ships passing in the night. As an extra treat, once in a while I drop a Cheez Doodle into his cage and he emerges from his soup-can home to retrieve the Doodle. That’s about as complicated as our relationship gets.

—Stephanie Plum, Eleven on Top (6)

Complications. That is the keyword for Stephanie Plum’s relationships with men, whether romantic, familial, or work-related. For a dozen books, we’ve watched Stephanie Plum ping pong between Ranger and Joe Morelli. Time and time again, when asked about her social life, she replies, “It’s complicated.” And it is—almost beyond comprehension. No one doubts she loves both men—and she’s finally admitted the fact herself—but will she ever work through the complications to actually choose one? Doubtful. Steph sums it up pretty well in Eleven on Top: “They’re both Mr. Right. And they’re both Mr. Wrong.... … read more»

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Demigods and Monsters - Expanded Edition

As Bad as They Wanna Be

by Hilary Wagneron Percy Jackson and the Olympians

I Heart Hades

I’ll admit, all the gods get decent marks on the “coolness scale,” but in my book, Hades is top dog, or top hellhound in his case. Sure, he’s a little bit on the brooding side and in need of a quality self-tanner, but still, the dude sports some … read more»

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The Twithead with the Dragon Tattoo

by Charlotte Mooreon Anne McCaffrey and the Dragonriders of Pern series

Anne McCaffrey tried to kill me once.

It was my first day of active duty as a volunteer for Weyrfest, the Anne McCaffrey programming track at Dragon*Con, and I was literally running late. Barreling through the bowels of the Hyatt Regency Atlanta, I kept my head on a swivel as I … read more»

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The Psychology of Dexter

For the Love of Dexter

by Bella DePauloon Dexter

Dexter may well be one of the most psychologically delicious treats in television history. We love Dexter. We root for him, season after season.

But he’s a killer—a serial killer! Why do we relish Dexter so much? And why don’t we … read more»

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Inside Joss' Dollhouse

What Echo's Journey to Self-Awareness Tells Us About the Human Soul

by Oluwafemi Morohunfolaon Dollhouse
“Forty-eight personalities, each with its own rich history, and none of it tells me anything . . . I know you’re all very invested in your vaunted technology, and it is very impressive, but I still don’t believe you can wipe away a person’s soul.”
—Paul Ballard (“Omega,” 1-12)

Joss Whedon’s  read more»

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