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Demigods and Monsters

Percy, I am Your Father

by Sarah Beth Durston Percy Jackson and the Olympians

Note to self: Do not become a parent in a fantasy novel.

Seriously, have you ever noticed how disturbingly often parents in fantasy novels are dead, kidnapped, missing, clueless, distant, or unknown? Kind of makes me want to round up all the authors, sit them on those pleather psychiatrist couches, and say, “Now, tell me about your mother . . .”

On the other hand, it works very nicely as a storytelling device: Get the parents out of the way and then something interesting can happen. I think of it as the Home Alone technique. You see it in books by C. S. Lewis, Lemony Snicket, J. K. Rowling . . . and you definitely see it in Rick Riordan’s Percy Jackson and the Olympians series. All the kids at Camp Half-Blood, including the protagonist, Percy, are separated from their parents.

But are the parents really gone from the story? True, they don’t … read more»

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Boarding the Enterprise

Lost Secrets of Pre-War Human Technology

by Lawrence Watt-Evanson Star Trek: The Original Series

From: Third Xenopsychologist Gleep, Transmission Analysis Department, Imperial Strategic Defense Directorate

To: First Determiner Quarg, Response Implementation Department, Imperial Strategic Defense Directorate

Re: Discrepancies in human video transmissions


As you know, I did not request this assignment. I had believed it, frankly, to be beneath my talents, and hoped for … read more»

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Wed 3/29
A New Dawn

The Good Girl Always Goes for the Bad Boy

by Megan McCaffertyon the Twilight series

The Twilight series has been on my should-read list for some time. I was drawn to Twilight in the bookstore shortly after it came out. The striking crimson-on-black cover art–pale hands held out in offering, tempting readers with an Edenic apple–bore no resemblance to the glittery pink books surrounding it … read more»

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Tue 3/28
The Unauthorized X-Men

"The Best There Is...Isn't Very Nice"

by Charlie W. Starron the X-Men

The great question in pop-culture studies is “Why?” Why Star Wars and why baseball? Why The Matrix and why Madonna? Why Sponge Bob and why Big Macs? Why do these things capture our cultural imagination? The “Why?” of comic books was addressed in M. Night Shyamalan’s 2000 film Unbreakable. There … read more»

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Mon 3/27
James Bond in the 21st Century

"I Knew Julius No. Julius No was a friend of mine. Osama you are no Dr. No."

by Raelynn Hillhouseon James Bond

Dear Mr. bin Laden,

We have been following your career with great interest, but you see, Mr. bin Laden, we are concerned that you will never become a world-class villain like ourselves. Face it, you wear a dress; you live in a cave and–we will try to put this delicately–you lack … read more»

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