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A Friday Night Lights Companion
A Friday Night Lights Companion
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A Friday Night Lights Companion

Why We Love . . . Tim Riggins

by Jen Chaneyon Friday Night Lights

Tim Riggins is damn sexy.

Actually, that doesn’t quite do him justice. Let’s try that again.

Tim Riggins is what raw sensuality looks like when it puts on a football jersey and maintains a blood alcohol content well above the legal limit. The tousled hair, the one-night-stand-in-the-bedroom eyes, that devil-may-care twang in his voice: these are the reasons female lust was invented.

Seemingly every woman in Dillon, Texas, with a functioning libido knows this, and Riggins takes full advantage of that fact. Hot high school chicks with stripper sisters, single moms with precocious sons, single bartender moms and their daughters, cheerleaders with strong Christian values—yeah, Riggins has hit all of that. And yet he most frequently returned to Lyla Garrity, that aforementioned responsible cheerleader, for reasons that should be obvious: she was the only girl in Dillon with a mouth as pretty as the one that sits right below Tim Riggins’ pert and … read more»

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A Friday Night Lights Companion

Why We (Mostly) Love . . . Julie Taylor

by Jen Chaneyon Friday Night Lights

Every Friday Night Lights fan adores the Taylor family. Who could resist Tami, the compassionate yet firm mother with the open mind and loving heart? Or Eric, the devoted, football-obsessed yet sensitive man of the house? Or even that darling, frequently absent little Gracie Belle Taylor?

And … read more»

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Batman Unauthorized

Batman, the Failure

by David Seidmanon Batman

On March 30, 1981, John W. Hinckley shot President Ronald Reagan and his press secretary, James Brady. Brady and his wife, Sarah, took their pain, sorrow, and rage, and channeled them into a crusade against gun violence. Their lobbying succeeded: on November 30, 1993, President Bill Clinton signed the Brady … read more»

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Through the Wardrobe

Missing the Point

by Sarah Beth Durston The Chronicles of Narnia

Remember Bambi? Cute deer. Cute bunny. Cute skunk. Very scary forest fire. Very traumatic death of Bambi’s mother. . . . Yeah, I don’t actually remember that last part. Seriously, when I saw Bambi, I didn’t realize that his mother died. I thought that Bambi’s parents were simply divorced and … read more»

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The Tangled Web We Weave

by Lou Anderson Spiderman

When I was a kid, my folks bought me a Spider-Man web shooter. It was a dart gun that strapped on to your wrist, and it fired a suction cup-tipped plastic dart that trailed a few feet of white string. The suction cup didn’t stick well, and the string was … read more»

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