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Grey's Anatomy 101

Drawing the Line

by Janine Hiddlestoneon Grey's Anatomy

“Is this the strangest thing that’s ever happened in your OR?” Meredith Grey asks Preston Burke as she tries not to move the hand she has inserted inside a patient’s chest to stop him from bleeding and, more importantly, exploding. “I’d have to say that it is,” Burke confirms. “Good,” Meredith replies, “because I’m very competitive.” Burke nods with approval: “All the best surgeons are” (“[As We Know It],” 2-17). While she is trying to lighten a very tense moment, she is nevertheless pleased to be the “most” something, even if it is the strangest or most dramatic moment in the OR. Here lies the central tenet of Grey’s Anatomy: Competition is everything. Being a surgical intern is a life based on competition: getting through medical school, obtaining the internship, surviving it in order to become a surgeon (preferably, an eminent one).

Hospital dramas have been a mainstay on television since … read more»

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Alias Assumed

Geek Chic

by Tracy S. Morrison Alias

I blame my coffeemaker.

That’s my excuse.

It’s a complicated little gadget. It’s supposed to turn itself on and off, brew my java, do the dishes, walk the dog and make me lose fifty pounds.

Well, it is!

But I can’t even get it programmed, and frankly, that’s a little embarrassing.

That’s why I like … read more»

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Wed 11/22
The Girl Who Was on Fire

Introduction: The Girl Who Was on Fire

by Leah Wilsonon the Hunger Games trilogy

You could call the Hunger Games a series that is–like its heroine–on fire. But its popularity, in itself, is nothing new. We live in an era of blockbuster young adult book series: Harry Potter, Twilight, now the Hunger Games. It’s more unusual these days for there not to be a … read more»

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Tue 11/21
Perfectly Plum

Ranger as...Hairy Godmother?

by Karen Kendallon Stephanie Plum

I. Flexible Archetypes in the Stephanie Plum Series

In beginning a project, every author of fiction creates her characters from the basis of an archetype, whether consciously or unconsciously. An archetype is (in general terms) a prototype or sketch of a character, which the writer then builds upon to make that … read more»

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Mon 11/20
Fringe Science

Waltered States

by Nick Mamatason Fringe

One Pill Makes You Smaller . . .

Walter Bishop is one of the most beloved television characters in recent memory. In addition to getting all the best lines on the program, and thanks to John Noble’s scenery-chewing performances, Bishop was one reason to give Fringe repeated chances during its shaky first season. But … read more»

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