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Five Seasons of Angel
Navigating the Golden Compass
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Five Seasons of Angel

Why We Love Lindsey

by Michelle Sagara Weston Angel

When Joss Whedon spun David Boreanaz off into his own se-ries—to the near universal anguish of Buffy/Angel shippers everywhere—he said that Angel would be a darker show with a less easily defined morality; if Buffy was the tale of coming of age, in which morality and responsibility were of necessity tightly entwined, he wanted Angel to be something a bit more grey.

But it’s hard to do that when you’re building on an established premise, with established characters, in an established world. At best, you leave your watchers wondering about the validity of earlier assumptions; at worse, you end up with inconsistencies that rob earlier shows of strength and merit. Plus, in Angel’s case, you’re trying to build a whole show around someone whose loudest legacy is a good, deep pout.

Still, I watched Angel, partly for the guilty pleasure of Cordelia Chase—whose acerbic personality and total lack of tact were delivered … read more»

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Navigating the Golden Compass

Letter to the Editor: In Praise of Mrs. Coulter

by Jean Rabeon the His Dark Materials series

To The London Times

ATTENTION: Editorial Section

Dear Sirs:

As an avid reader of your once-fine newspaper, I find myself increasingly displeased with your articles concerning Mrs. Coulter’s behavior and her research into the matter of Dust. You have sullied her fine name by unduly criticizing her character and activities! Your coverage … read more»

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Wed 4/29
So Say We All

The Gods Suck

by Matthew Woodring Stoveron Battlestar Galactica

Among its many other virtues, Battlestar Galactica is warming up to be the latest evidence that the Christian Right in the United States, for all its political power, is actually too friggin’ dim to pour piss out of a boot.

I mean, haven’t they noticed?

I keep shaking my head and wondering … read more»

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Are the Fangs Real?

by Mikhail Lyubansky, Ph.D.on the Anita Blake, Vampire Hunter series

They’re physically powerful and capable of unusual speed. They’re sexually seductive, in a forbidden sort of way, and dangerous—even the well-mannered, law-abiding ones are, at their core, perilous. They may look human, but they’re not. They’re monsters, ever ready to prey and feed on human fears, if not their lives. … read more»

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Mon 4/27
The Science of Michael Crichton

Science Comes Second in Next

by Phill Joneson the books of Michael Crichton

“The novel is fiction,” Crichton says in Next’s disclaimer, “except for the parts that aren’t.”

In its e-book release of Next, HarperCollins publishers included an interview with Michael Crichton. The interviewer tries to get the author to clarify just how much of Next is true and how much is fiction.

“It’s odd … read more»

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