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House Unauthorized
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Inside Joss' Dollhouse

More Than the Sum of Our Imprints

by Julie Hawkon Dollhouse
“I could turn this pebble around, examining it, for
oh, say, seven years.”
 —Joss Whedon on Dollhouse, PaleyFest ’09

Imprint 1

How does Caroline become Echo? Or, to put it more accurately,
how does Echo become? In a manner of speaking, Echo
is a “natural” cyborg. Unlike the tech heads in “Epitaph Two:
Return” (2-13), Echo needed no external hardware to enable
“upgrades.” Her microbiology, we learned from Boyd, predisposed
her to be able to integrate these imprints with minimal
psychic side effects. Echo’s metacognitive evolution was a sort
of multiplication of her “I.” Echo’s difference that made a difference
was rooted in her microbiology, but the ramifications were
seen most startlingly in her psychology, broadly defined. Her
ontology/subjectivity, her modes of relationality, and her epistemology
all shifted dramatically, indicating a co-evolutionary
process in … read more»

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House Unauthorized

Everybody Lies Except for the CGI

by Craig Derksenon House

“Everybody lies” is the catch phrase of House M.D. In fact, much of the vaunted diagnostic prowess of the main character Dr. Gregory House comes from his ability to see through deceptions. However, the lies that drive the show are not random, but rather a structured set of deceptions that … read more»

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House Unauthorized

How House Thinks

by Linda Heath, Ph.D., Jonya A. Leverett, Lindsay Nicholson House

Medical dramas have long been a staple of television programming. From Marcus Welby, M.D. to ER to Grey’s Anatomy, television doctors grapple weekly with obscure and heart-wrenching diseases. And it’s easy to understand why medical shows are so popular. Medical dramas, similar to crime dramas, follow a basic mystery format: … read more»

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Demigods and Monsters - Expanded Edition

Eeny Meeny Miney Mo(m)

by Jenny Hanon Percy Jackson and the Olympians

The lives of half-bloods in Greek mythology usually end in blood and guts and fire—we’re talking vengeful gods, three-headed dogs, monsters, ancient curses. It’s all very dangerous and life threaten-y. If you were the child of a really powerful god like Percy is, you’d have to stay at Camp Half-Blood … read more»

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Star Wars on Trial

Star Wars as Anime

by Bruce Bethkeon Star Wars

There is a defining moment in Star Wars, Episode III: Revenge of the Sith, and it takes place quite early in the film. No, it’s not the moment when Anakin Skywalker gives in to his anger, his pain and his desire to emulate Russell Crowe in Gladiator by using two … read more»

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