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So Say We All

Burdens: A Proof

The Stoic Value of the Cylon Threat

by Jacob Cliftonon Battlestar Galactica

First Principles

Thirty-three minutes, in the Hugo-winning Battlestar Galactica series premiere (“33” 1-1), was how long it took for the Cylons to locate and attack the Fleet as they jumped farther and farther away from their destroyed worlds. Thirty-three minutes to rest, shower, eat–to attend to the basic necessities of life–before the cycle would start again, the alarms would sound, and the necessities would have to be ignored for the duration of the jump. All the concerns of the Fleet’s directors, both military and civilian, had to be figured out and addressed, in those tiny thirty-three minute packages. It was exhausting. It could have killed them, had it gone on forever.

Thirty-three episodes, in the course of the show’s first two seasons, was how long it took for the Cylons to locate and permanently imprison the Fleet. And then the Colony of New Caprica could finally rest, shower, eat–and attend to the … read more»

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Grey's Anatomy 101

Drawing the Line

by Janine Hiddlestoneon Grey's Anatomy

“Is this the strangest thing that’s ever happened in your OR?” Meredith Grey asks Preston Burke as she tries not to move the hand she has inserted inside a patient’s chest to stop him from bleeding and, more importantly, exploding. “I’d have to say that it is,” Burke confirms. “Good,” … read more»

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Alias Assumed

Geek Chic

by Tracy S. Morrison Alias

I blame my coffeemaker.

That’s my excuse.

It’s a complicated little gadget. It’s supposed to turn itself on and off, brew my java, do the dishes, walk the dog and make me lose fifty pounds.

Well, it is!

But I can’t even get it programmed, and frankly, that’s a little embarrassing.

That’s why I like … read more»

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The Girl Who Was on Fire

Introduction: The Girl Who Was on Fire

by Leah Wilsonon the Hunger Games trilogy

You could call the Hunger Games a series that is–like its heroine–on fire. But its popularity, in itself, is nothing new. We live in an era of blockbuster young adult book series: Harry Potter, Twilight, now the Hunger Games. It’s more unusual these days for there not to be a … read more»

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Perfectly Plum

Ranger as...Hairy Godmother?

by Karen Kendallon Stephanie Plum

I. Flexible Archetypes in the Stephanie Plum Series

In beginning a project, every author of fiction creates her characters from the basis of an archetype, whether consciously or unconsciously. An archetype is (in general terms) a prototype or sketch of a character, which the writer then builds upon to make that … read more»

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