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Inside Joss' Dollhouse

Dollhouse Lives!

Inside Joss' Dollhouse Introduction

by Jane Espensonon Dollhouse

Introductions for books of this sort often discuss why the
show in question elicits so much devotion and accommodates
so much analysis. But I’m starting to feel that a good enough
answer is just “It’s a Joss Whedon show.”

Whedon shows are challenging, full of compelling characters,
plot twists, and moral puzzles. Most crucially, they don’t
baby the viewer by leading him or her to a single simple point
of view. Complexity is the mother of wanting to write an essay.

And just as with Firefly before it, Dollhouse was frustratingly
short-lived. The viewer has the sense of stories untold,
of lines of sight that are forever obstructed. It’s tantalizing to
speculate about the lost seasons of Dollhouse that exist in some
alternate universe where things are a bit less cancelly.

Given all that, I knew that … read more»

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Five Seasons of Angel

It's Not Easy Being Green and Nonjudgmental

by Abbie Bernsteinon Angel

“This is beyond my Ken–and my Barbie–and all my action figures.” This line, applicable to so many situations, was uttered by Lorne in “Offspring” (A3-7). Lorne talks like that, a lot, and it’s one of the reasons he makes a striking impression. Coincidentally (or maybe not), the line also sums … read more»

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The Panem Companion

The Curious Case of Primrose “Everdeen”

by V. Arrowon the Hunger Games trilogy

On the first day of kindergarten for Katniss and Peeta, when Prim was between six months and one year old, Mr. Mellark told his five-year-old son that he had been in love with Mrs. Everdeen, but that she “ran away with a coal miner” and he “had to” marry Mrs. … read more»

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Jack Bauer for President

Can a Leftist Love 24?

by Steven Rubioon 24

In 1974, Ms. magazine asked, “Can a Feminist Love the World’s Greatest Rock Band?” The band was the Rolling Stones, who had earned their “Greatest” sobriquet for songs like “Under My Thumb” and “Starfucker.” That a band that arguably was the greatest could be reduced to any one specific malfeasance … read more»

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The Girl Who Was on Fire

Panem et Circenses

by Carrie Ryanon the Hunger Games trilogy

In the Hunger Games trilogy, Suzanne Collins takes our obsession with Reality TV and extends it to the most horrifying ends: a society that views kids killing kids as entertainment. It’s easy to find this an uncomfortable premise–to turn our noses up and say that while we may enjoy  read more»

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