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A New Dawn
Boarding the Enterprise
Through the Wardrobe
Filled with Glee
The Psychology of Twilight

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A New Dawn

As Time Goes By

by K. A. Nuzumon the Twilight series

As New Moon opens on the morning of her eighteenth birthday, Bella is dreaming of her grandmother–her dear, old, wrinkled grandmother. Edward–beautiful, youthful Edward–saunters into the scene, and Bella is faced with having to tell her grandmother she loves a vampire–and she thinks that’s the disturbing part of the dream. But suddenly, Bella realizes:

There was no Gran.
That was me. Me in a mirror. Me–ancient,
creased, and withered.
Edward stood beside me, casting no reflection,
excruciatingly lovely and forever seventeen.

Tick Tock

Forever seventeen. Two simple words, and yet they provide three books’ worth of heartache for Bella and Edward. By the end of Breaking Dawn we know that everything turns out swell for the two (now three, counting Renesmee), but while Bella is still human, growing up and growing old are major concerns for her. After all, as New Moon opens, year eighteen is … read more»

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Boarding the Enterprise

How Star Trek Liberated Television

by Paul Levinsonon Star Trek: The Original Series

Minerva’s owl begins its flight only in the gathering dust….


Hegel was talking about how the greatest writings of the classical world–those that would have the most lasting impact on our popular culture–took shape as the civilizations around them started to decline. He was thinking about … read more»

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Through the Wardrobe

Forgotten Castles and Magical Creatures in Hiding

by Brent Hartingeron The Chronicles of Narnia

A wild forest grew across the street from the house in the suburbs where I grew up. Technically, it was merely a “holding basin”–a patch of land that city engineers had set aside from development to hold back the floodwaters that occasionally swelled up from the little creek that ran … read more»

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Filled with Glee

Share Your Glee: My Life to the Tune of Glee

by S.R. Johanneson Glee

Even though I’m in my thirties, Glee appeals to that teen hiding somewhere inside me. The first time I watched the show, it not only validated the way I viewed my entire high school existence–it was hard, unfair at times and just plain awkward–but also made my teen … read more»

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The Psychology of Twilight

Introduction: The Psychology of Twilight

by Alexis Black, E. David Klonsky, Ph.D.on the Twilight Saga

We (David and Alexis), like millions of people across the world, are Twilight fans. Actually–when we say we’re “fans,” we mean something a little more involved than just reading the books. We’ve attended midnight releases of the books and movies, dressed up in glitter and Twilight T-shirts to surprise our … read more»

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